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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DPP Solutions: iPad Apps For Pro Photographers

A selection of apps that any professional with an iPad should think about getting

The Apple iPad has become the must-have accessory for the tech-savvy and creative populace. It’s also incredibly useful for professional photographers.

The Apple iPad is reinvigorating the tablet computer market, and for photographers, the potential goes far beyond merely being a cool gadget. To begin with, the iPad represents the ability to travel with just a little less gear, using this compact device to stay connected in ways that would otherwise require a laptop. In addition, the wide range of applications available for the iPad means the utility of this device grows every day. So, let’s take a look at some of the applications that just might get photographers excited about adding an iPad to their camera bag.

LightTrac For iPad
Whether you’re scouting for a particular location for a photo shoot or trying to determine the best time to be in a specific location, LightTrac for iPad from InvisibleBits (visit iTunes Store) is an excellent solution. You can browse locations on a map and view the relative position of the sun at sunrise and sunset, as well as the angle of the sun at a particular time of day. In short, if you have an iPad and take photos outdoors, you’re going to want this application.

DSLR Camera Remote
Many photographers—especially those focused on studio photography—have taken advantage of tethered capture, using their laptop computer to control the camera and review the resulting images. Now you can take advantage of the smaller size and yet beautiful display on the iPad. DSLR Camera Remote from onOne Software (www.ononesoftware.com) allows you to control your digital camera remotely via your iPad, adjusting shutter speed, aperture, white balance and more. It’s like having an extra-large live viewfinder, as well as a great way to evaluate images on the fly.

One of the most natural uses of an iPad is to present a portfolio of your best images. Combining a beautiful display with an elegant interface and a relatively large display, the iPad is simply a great way to share your photos. To really maximize the potential of your digital portfolio, however, SmugMug offers an excellent solution. Besides providing access to any gallery available on SmugMug’s website, it also allows you to create incredible slideshows and use the iPad as a portable photo frame.

Photographers tend to appreciate nostalgia. We talk about the “old days” in the wet darkroom and we tend to reproduce the look of old film-processing techniques with digital tools. CameraBag from Nevercenter (www.nevercenter.com) enables you to quickly and easily apply classic effects to your images. These include a “1962” effect (apparently before color had become popular), a “1974” effect (were colors really that drab back then?) and an “Instant” effect (complete with a white border around the image, though in this case you don’t need to shake the image to make it appear faster), among others. Once you’ve found an effect you like for a particular photo, you can e-mail the resulting image directly from within CameraBag.

Filterstorm by Tai Shimizu (visit iTunes Store) is a great app for the iPad that allows you to apply rather sophisticated adjustments to images. These include the ability to apply a Curves adjustment to the image either overall or on individual color channels, as well as the ability to apply targeted adjustments by painting on the image or affecting a particular range of colors. While Filterstorm certainly won’t replace your image-optimization workflow on your desktop computer, it can prove useful (and fun) enough that you will want to put it to use for quick adjustments to fine-tune an image you want to share via your iPad.


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