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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DPP Solutions: iPad Apps For Pro Photographers

A selection of apps that any professional with an iPad should think about getting

One of the key benefits of the iPad is the ability to quickly and easily share images, whether via a slideshow presentation or through e-mail. If you’re working with images directly on the iPad, chances are you’ve not yet applied a watermark to your photos. With Impression by Blue Crowbar (visit iTunes Store), you can add a simple watermark (including the ability to adjust the opacity of that watermark) to an image with ease. Simple, but effective.

Just The Beginning
The applications presented here are only the first to be made available. In fact, we can only speculate that Adobe will expand their current Photoshop.com Mobile offering (currently supporting the iPhone as well as Android and Windows Mobile smartphones) to soon be available in an iPad version.

The ongoing theme with the iPad is that it represents incredible potential. What’s most exciting about the iPad is that it might just be the device that finally proves the viability of a tablet computer. For many photographers, the iPad also represents a handy accessory that can make their work more productive and enjoyable, thanks in part to some very cool applications that are already available for the iPad, and many more that will surely be available soon.

iPad Camera Connection Kit
Okay, so this isn’t actually an application. But it’s an essential accessory if you really want to put the iPad to work in your photography workflow. The kit includes a camera connector, which is essentially just a USB adapter that enables you to connect your camera directly to the iPad. Also included is a Secure Digital (SD) card reader, in the event you’re using a camera that supports SD cards.

Of course, considering the highest-capacity iPad only includes 64 GB of storage, you can’t realistically use the iPad to off-load your memory cards during a real photo shoot. However, the Camera Connection Kit is a handy accessory that allows you to selectively copy specific photos to the iPad so you can then share those images via e-mail or in a slideshow display, or work on those images with any of the various applications available.

Tim Grey has authored more than a dozen books on digital photography and imaging for photographers, including the best-selling Photoshop CS4 Workflow. He also publishes the Digital Darkroom Quarterly print newsletter and the Ask Tim Grey eNewsletter. Details can be found at www.timgrey.com.


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