Monday, October 7, 2013

Hacking Your DSLR

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Hacking Your DSLR
A camera hack can throw that balance out of whack, and that can result in catastrophic data loss. In extreme cases, it can also render your DSLR into a useless brick. That's not common, but it can happen, and on Magic Lantern's website, they have this specific disclaimer:

"Use at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage to your camera."

You can find hacks for just about any digital camera these days. Besides the multitudes available for Canon cameras, there are several popular video hacks for high-end models made by Panasonic. They do everything from boosting ISO performance to increasing available frame rates. Like all hacks, they have the potential to create internal conflicts that will result in significant problems with the camera.

On the upside, you can definitely squeeze a lot of performance out of your DSLR if you're willing to take the risk of hacking it. Getting RAW motion output from a 5D Mark III is very cool indeed, and being able to shoot a GH2 or GH3 in extremely low light will enable you to get footage that's almost impossible otherwise. If you're going to hack your camera, do your research and be aware that you've changed its internal balance. Get a feel for how the internal balancing act changes and how you can mitigate things like increased heat buildup.

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