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Friday, June 1, 2007

Hi-Tech Studio: Go Wireless

Break free from the shutter button and get to know your subject

Hi-Tech Studio The PocketWizard MultiMAX includes "quad-triggering," which enables four zones of cameras, electronic flash or both to be selectively triggered. The MultiMAX also includes "True Triggering" and a flash confirmation feature, with audible and visual feedback on individual zones.

The MultiMAX eliminates the need for separate transmitter/receiver triggering configurations because each MultiMAX provides the capability to send and receive digital signaling. The MultiMAX can be either a transmitter or a receiver, depending upon your needs at the time. In the Selective Quad Triggering mode, the MultiMAX automatically confirms (on the selected transmitter) every zone simulta neously, with immediate visual and audible feedback.

The MultiMAX comes loaded with PocketWizard's Trigger Time Control software. The software makes it easy to create rear curtain sync effects with any camera, add depth of field using multi-pop mode and play with time-lapse imaging through the intervalometer mode. Using the Lag Time Equalizer, all cameras and flash units can be accurately synchronized. PocketWizard describes this feature as "measuring the actual time it takes from the moment the motordriven camera is activated to the time the shutter is open. The Lag Time Equalizer software measures the delay of your motordriven camera with precision accuracy of 1/10,000 sec. The software assists the photographer in calibrating another camera, electronic flash unit or both for simultaneous triggering and exposure synchronizing." It's a mouthful, to be sure, but the bottom line is accuracy, which is always critical.

Like the Plus II, the PocketWizard MultiMAX has a 1,600-foot triggering range. It also has 32 digital 16/24-bit encoded channels and a 1/1000 sec. flash sync speed (in fast mode), contact closure adjustment and a trigger counter.

While PocketWizard has been the acknowledged leader in wireless triggering, it isn't the only player. Canon and Nikon both have units that attach to their cameras and provide remote triggering as well as file transfer. MicroSync Digital produces a very compact trigger. The units have a more modest range of about 100 feet, but that might be ample for you, depending upon how you want to use it.

We're big believers in the future of wireless in the high-tech studio. While we've spotlighted the PocketWizards in this brief article, there are more options coming online every day.



MicroSync Digital






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