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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hi-Tech Studio: High-End Rental Studios

When you don't own your own studio, a high-end rental studio is your solution

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high end studiosThe cost of owning your own studio, especially with the current real-estate woes, makes taking your job to a high-end studio one of the easiest choices to make when compared to the costs of owning and maintaining your own space. From big jobs to small jobs to elaborate setups, shooting at a high-end rental studio justifies the cost of renting when you incorporate all the benefits and money you'll save in the end.

Cream Of The Crop
High-end rental studios give us the benefit of technology and great environments in which to shoot our photography. The markets for rental studios range from celebrity shoots, editorial to even kitchen photography, offering us innumerable creative possibilities and setups.

If you're in the Southern California market, Smashbox Studios and Quixote Studios have recently merged to provide a variety of large and small studio spaces. Dee DeLara, director of client services for both Quixote and Smashbox, says the studios are utilized in many capacities, from television shows to celebrity shoots.

“We have everything in house,” DeLara says. “We have equipment, we have digital, and we have support rooms—the green rooms, the wardrobe and makeup rooms and production offices. We pretty much have anything you could need to make your production happen.”

Studios at Smashbox range from 1,000 to 8,500 square feet at four different studio locations—West Hollywood, Culver City, Miami and New York City. At Quixote Studios in Griffith Park, Calif., studios range from 7,200 to 42,000 square feet.

Among the priciest places to own or rent a space large enough for a studio is New York City, the epitome of small spaces at astronomical prices. In cities like New York and L.A., owning or renting your own studio space isn't comparable to renting a high-end rental space for a day.

Neo Studios, a New York-based rental space, features three studios that range from 600 to 2,700 square feet, where camera rentals from 35mm to 8x10 can be rented, along with strobes, grips, kitchens and workstations to edit your images after you shoot.

Ryan Roberts, studio manager at Neo Studios, says, “We have everything from still life to advertising to editorial to fashion. We have a small space that's perfect for still life, perfect for portrait work, and then we have a large loft space that's perfect for a full-on fashion shoot with huge crews and a lot of wardrobe. We're really able to cover the whole gamut with our spaces.”

But Los Angeles and New York aren't the only hubs—studios like Stage 3 Productions in Detroit offer up to 42,000 square feet of space in one location just north of the Motor City.

Andre LaRoche, owner of Stage 3 Productions, says, “We're really an imaging solutions provider. Whether it's the new media of CGI or it's photography, depending on what's needed where, we're using the tools available to help resolve the solution. We're just trying to make everybody's job easier.”


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