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Monday, February 11, 2008

Hi-Tech Studio: High-End Rental Studios

When you don't own your own studio, a high-end rental studio is your solution

The Lowdown
Using a studio that offers multiple solutions and setups is easy to calculate compared to buying your own equipment, giving you the benefit of an all-around shooting scenario that maximizes time and money. So why rent a studio instead of buying your own?

“The only reason you should use any studio is because it's exactly what you need and it makes your job easier,” says LaRoche of Stage 3 Productions. “You don't really want to go pay someone money and end up having to spends lots of time either cleaning up, running across the street all the time to get coffee, bringing in generators.”

Says Blue Sky Rental Studios' Cherif, “Professional photographers will save a lot of money, about one-fifth of what they'd pay if they owned their own space, not to mention they don't have to maintain their own equipment; we do that for them. They don't have to worry about electricity or heating costs. They just come in and do the job.”

“The greatest benefit is the rent,” says Roberts of Neo Studios. “Not having the overhead of a 3,000-square-foot space in the heart of NoHo in New York on Broadway, that's the main benefit. The other benefit is access to an equipment room that saves you anywhere from $100,000 or more in equipment purchases. It also allows you to try out other things, and rent things instead of owning them, and avoid having to deal with the upkeep and maintenance of all the equipment.”

While studios continue to provide new services that will help you work more efficiently, using a high-end studio not only will make your photography stand out, but it will make your clients happy in the end, too.


Blue Sky Rental Studioswww.blueskysf.com
Neo Studioswww.neostudiosnyc.com
Quixote Studios www.quixote.com
Smashbox Studios www.smashboxstudios.com
Stage 3 Productionswww.stage3.com


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