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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hi-Tech Studio: Portable Flash Modifiers

Get the versatility and control of a studio strobe from your portable flash units

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Rogue FlashBenders

Honl Photo Speed Modifiers
More and more photographers are relying on small flash units instead of large, bulky, studio-type gear because it's cost-effective, you can travel more easily with portable gear, you don't need a troop of assistants to help with setup and takedown, and modern DSLRs make small, moderately powerful strobes more useful thanks to high ISO capabilities.

light. Reflectors and softboxes soften the light by increasing the size of the light source, while snoots and grids concentrate the flash so you can precisely illuminate specific areas. Barndoors and flags keep light from spilling into areas where you don't want it.

These sophisticated modifiers are now being built specifically for portable flash with the idea that you can have a full-featured, no-limits lighting kit in a carry-on-sized equipment case. And all of these items can be used with the flash unit on- or off-camera. DSLR manufacturers offer a means of using their flash units off-camera, either via off-camera sync cord or wirelessly, both manually and with full TTL auto-exposure control.

Honl Photo Speed Modifiers
Honl Speed modifiers attach to the flash unit via the simple Speed Strap, which provides a wraparound Velcro®-type surface area. The Speed Snoot is a configurable reflector/snoot that comes with white/silver or gold surfaces to soften light and can be formed into a snoot to concentrate the light. The Speed Gobo is handy for keeping light from striking the lens when using a flash unit as a hairlight or background light. The Speed Grid narrows the beam from the flash unit, producing a small circle of light useful for highlighting a small subject or a portion of a large one. The 1⁄4-inch grid produces a wider circle of light than the 1⁄8-inch grid.

Interfit Strobies Portrait Kit

LumiQuest Ready For Anything Kit
Interfit Strobies
Strobies are scaled-down studio flash accessories that attach quickly and easily to popular shoe-mount flash units via convenient Flex Mounts. Two kits are available: Portrait, for people photography; and EFX, for background and product lighting. The Portrait Kit includes a beauty ring, global diffuser, softbox, barndoor set, snoot and honeycomb grid, plus a soft carry case. The EFX kit (which also supplements the Portrait Kit) contains two honeycomb grids, 30° and 20°, a snoot, a Velcro® strap, a bounce card set and a honeycomb bounce tube, plus a soft carrying case.

LumiQuest Ready For Anything Kit
LumiQuest's low-cost Ready for Anything Kit includes the ProMax System, FXtra filter holder and filters, and a non-sticky UltraStrap. The ProMax system features an 80-20 ceiling-bounce device that fits on the flash head, with white, gold and silver inserts and a removable natural frosted white screen. The FXtra unit holds colored filters over the flash head, and comes with eight Rosco filters: CTO, ½ CTO, ¼ CTO, Plus Green, ½ Plus Green, Sky Blue, Canary Yellow and Fire Red.


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