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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Essentials

Top pros share the gear they can’t live without

We reached out to several professional photographers with a simple question: What's the gear you can't live without? We asked them to think about DSLRs, certainly, but also about things in their bag that are less obvious. The range of responses was pretty interesting. From cameras to software, to apps and good-luck charms, manicures and insurance policies, check out the things that the best in the business rely on to get the job done.

August Bradley

Hasselblad H4D. I shoot all of my commercial and exhibition work on this camera because of its resolution, color depth, smooth tonal gradients, skin tones and versatility in post. I also love the feel of this camera; it becomes an extension of my hand and eye.

Datacolor Spyder4. Consistent, accurate tonal gradients and colors are hugely important to me, and this keeps my color management tight.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Enables extraordinary control along with very fast postproduction workflow. Essential for getting jobs done on time, and for achieving the looks I'm after.

Peter Read Miller

Hoodman HoodLoupe. The HoodLoupe is always around my neck on a shoot. Not only is it great for viewing my camera's LCD on a bright sunny day, but the adjustable diopter allows me to see the screen clearly and check critical focus without having to put on my glasses.

Canon Angle Finder C. I love to shoot from a low angle, often with my camera on the ground, and especially while shooting football. As time and photography have taken their toll on my neck and the rest of my body, it's not easy for me to look straight through the camera when it's that low. The Angle Finder allows me to kneel over the camera and look straight down to see the image.

Gumby And Pokey. These small replicas of the claymation figures have been my good-luck charms for the past 20 years. They have been in my pocket on 99.9% of my shoots in the last 20 years. Although original Pokey is missing his leg and has been retired, and original Gumby was lost in a bicycle path mishap during the London Olympics, I've replaced them both, and their magic lives on.


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