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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Essentials

Top pros share the gear they can’t live without

Additionally, it offers a high dynamic range of 16.5+ stops, high ISO sensitivity being as good as low ISO sensitivity, with extremely well-controlled noise and giving you those beautiful super blacks, with a crisp contrast, yet very gentle and subtle to skin tones. It offers user-interchangeable lens mounts for PL, Canon, Nikon, Leica M, and add to that the new RED MOTION MOUNT, which allows for controlling electronically up to 8 stops of NDs, with included linear polarization and IR filtering, in a global shutter, including a completely new Soft Shutter mode, to allow for more control and creative possibilities than ever before in both fields of motion and still image capture.

This camera has an incredible array of accessories to change configurations as needed in order to cover just about anything you can think of. At last, I now have a camera that allows me to capture the highest-quality motion images than ever before possible with any camera, film or digital, yet still also allowing to extract still images of 19 megapixels, and while not wanting to compare in image size to some of the new medium-format digital backs with up to 80 megapixels, I give up the extra pixels for the overall capacities that the RED EPIC DRAGON brings in both worlds of motion and still image capture together with a freedom of configurations like none that has existed before. It's a camera that could go from Hollywood's big-budget blockbusters for a 4K or IMAX printout, to a fashion photographer's set, to print magazine spreads and large prints, with no problem at all.

Caesar Lima

Phocus. I have my iPad out and use the Phocus app to preview the images wirelessly. This app works with my Hasselblad. While the client's hair and makeup and wardrobe team stay in front of the monitor, I have my own screen, and I can show the model the images as feedback.

Sony RX-1. I use the RX-1 for shooting the "behind the scenes." It's a quality camera, with a full-frame, 24-megapixel sensor, and sometimes the client actually uses the images in their campaign. I always shoot at ƒ/2. It gives great depth of field, and it also helps to keep the cast and crew engaged when we're not shooting.

iPod. Music is so important. We have many different playlists to capture the specific mood for the type of shoot we're doing—fast and slow, different genres, etc. It helps to get the models in the right mood. If you're shooting something that needs action or attitude or romance or sensuality, music is very important. I have a wireless system at the studio so anyone can play music from their iPhone or iPad.

Sarah Silver

Juilliard Box. I got the Juilliard box a million years ago from a dancer attending the JUILLIARD School. It's a 16x18x17-inch, square-ish wooden box with JUILLIARD stenciled on the side, and it was part of a dance that he was doing. He left it for me at the studio, and the box turned into the "everything" box. We do castings on it. We stand on it to get height instead of apple boxes. We use it for seated beauty. Basically, anytime we need to do anything that requires a box, we use the JUILLIARD box. Years later, we even repainted the box black, but made sure not to cover the stencils. One time we had the creative directors of Juilliard at the studio, and they asked, "Did you steal our box?" It was a funny moment.


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