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Monday, August 10, 2009

The High-Tech Camera Bag

Balancing protection for your valuable gear with functionality requires innovative high-tech solutions

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Tamrac 5613 Ultra Pro 13
If you’re carrying your digital camera in an antiquated bag, it’s time to upgrade. Just as the cameras of today don’t work much like their ancestors, camera bags have been revolutionized, too. It’s time to carry a bag befitting its contents.

Why Bags Matter
You’ve just purchased your brand-new, top-of-the-line D-SLR at a cost of around eight grand. Add just a bit of glass, and your investment is quickly more than $10,000. Even if you’re using entry-level gear, $1,000 worth of electronics is still quite an investment to lug around on a regular basis. Why would you trust such precious cargo to anything less than a high-tech bag?

Forget protecting your investment for a moment, and consider usability. Once upon a time, the only option was the shoulder bag. The design is certainly a classic, but as so many innovative designs now show, it isn’t everyone’s ideal. What if you’re the kind of shooter who relishes hands-free capabilities for working in precarious positions? What if maximum storage capacity is crucial, and you need to take a studio’s worth of gear on every location shoot? What if you’re a minimalist, and all you want is sleek and simple storage for a body and a lens? What if you’re carrying a laptop, too? There are as many options in customized camera cases as there are cameras themselves. Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for bodies and lenses, there’s no universal camera bag. Fitting your particular needs is key. Thankfully, you have lots of options.

How To Choose A Camera Bag
What’s the best way to select the right bag for your gear? Pick it up and hold it in your hands. Hang it on your shoulder. Fill it with your bodies, your lenses, your accessories, and see how it works for you. The best way to do this? A visit to your local camera store. Before you go, though, research some of the options available so you can go armed with an idea of what you want. Much like buying a car, there’s an option for every taste—but not all of them will resonate.

Tamrac is a longtime leader in camera bag innovation, producing bags and packs and cases for photographers, from beginners with a bit of gear to pros toting tons. A visit to the company’s online catalog provides a primer in the first major decision facing a camera bag buyer: What style is the right style?

First there’s the classic shoulder bag. Though it may be traditional, this staple also has been renovated for the modern photographer. Take the Tamrac Ultra Pro 13, which can hold a ton of gear—the kind of gear a working pro needs these days. One of the company’s largest shoulder bags, it holds not only two D-SLRs and several lenses, but is designed to accommodate (and protect) a 15.4-inch laptop as well.


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