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Monday, August 10, 2009

The High-Tech Camera Bag

Balancing protection for your valuable gear with functionality requires innovative high-tech solutions

Take the Tamrac Aero Speed Pack series of backpacks, for example. Sure, they can be worn as traditional backpacks with front-zip access that doesn’t require removing the pack for access. But the bags also are designed to be worn another way—positioned sideways across the chest for convenience when regular access to the bag’s contents is key. Wearing a backpack on your front isn’t quite enough, though, so the Aero series has a second access point built in to the side of the pack—which becomes a top-loading chest pack when worn in this configuration. It may be just another example of
simple, effective design, but this kind of good thinking makes a huge difference in functionality.

The Aero series illustrates several more points about innovation, too. For one, there’s the high-tech nature of modern materials like water-resistant zippers and ballistic nylon for durability and materials with engineered weather-fastness built in. Or consider the benefits of interior fabric that sheds dust and lint, making it easier to keep lenses and sensors dust-free. The technology that’s gone into today’s camera bag designs, along with improved materials and construction, is simply better at protecting sensitive digital SLR systems.

Tenba makes a line of premium Black Label bags, for example, that are handmade. The upscale bags not only use ballistic nylon and open-cell foam for protection, but also incorporate leather detailing and seatbelt webbing for durability (and style points). The line includes two large professional-grade bags for multiple bodies and lenses, as well as smaller, slimmer and lighter satchel styles.

Whatever the style, it’s good to know that manufacturers are constantly innovating with high-tech materials and attentive construction, as well as unique designs that make it easy to find the right bag for a custom-fit feel.

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