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Thursday, May 24, 2007

High-End Printers For Your Studio

The current generation of professional-level inkjet printers can give your studio a steady stream of lucrative print business

Photo-quality inkjet printing has made tremendous strides, especially in the last few years. Much of the innovation has been centered on the consumer and serious hobbyist markets, however, with printers up to the 13x19 (or Super B) format. Advanced ink formulations in both dye- and pigment-based inks to improve color quality and long-term display characteristics are now common and affordable to anyone interested in making their own prints.

With the exception of Epson, many of these improvements have been slow to arrive in the large-format printers that are preferred by many pros and studios. For the purposes of this article, large format is defined as printers capable of 17-inch and wider prints on either sheet or roll media.

Whereas many of us needed to send our prints out to a service bureau in the past for truly photographic-quality color and media, the options now exist to do this work in-house, allowing us to retain full control over the print process and results. What used to be possible only with printers such as the Durst Lambda or LightJet printers at prices beyond the reach of most of us can now be done at prices starting at less than $1,000.





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