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Thursday, May 24, 2007

High-End Printers For Your Studio

The current generation of professional-level inkjet printers can give your studio a steady stream of lucrative print business

Pro Features
Along with a size difference, large-format printers add features that are designed for pro and production environments. First and foremost among these are the larger ink cartridges. Where the desktop models may have 12ml or so in each cartridge, large format printers typically use 100ml or more, saving time and money. On a per-print basis, a large-format print costs about a quarter of the price of the same print done on a desktop printer.

Paper costs and availability are also much better for large format. Some papers are only available in roll format, and all papers are less expensive per square foot when purchased by the roll. When using a RIP, roll paper can be used to efficiently lay out print jobs to save even more on costs.

The other advantage is the extra attention paid to color calibration. All of these printers are individually checked for color accuracy at the factory for optimal results. HP goes a step further and builds a closed-loop color calibration system into each of its DeskJet 90 (18 inches) and 130 (24 inches) printers, making it easy to calibrate as often as needed and for individual paper types without purchasing a spectrophotometer or other device for profiling.

Jon Canfield is the author of several books on digital imaging, including Print Like a Pro (Peachpit, 2005). Contact him at www.joncanfield.com.



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