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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paper For Your Works Of Art

There’s more to paper choices than Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard. An array of other manufacturers make high-end materials that can match your style.

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Hahnemühle Canvas FineArt
Another paper company that can trace its lineage back several hundred years, Hahnemühle was founded in Germany in 1584. Today, they have a vast line of papers and canvasses, including several specifically designed for fine-art digital printing.

The Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art Collection consists of Glossy FineArt, Matte FineArt and Canvas FineArt. Each of these papers has a premium inkjet coating that gives them excellent permanence and archivability. You can download longevity information, as well as ICC profiles, from the Hahnemühle website.

Contact: Hahnemühle, www.hahnemuehle.com.

lford Galerie Gold
One of the best-known names in conventional wet-darkroom film and paper, the Ilford company has been reborn as a maker of inkjet printing material. Their Ilford Galerie Professional Inkjet papers are available in Gold, Smooth, Classic and Graphic versions. On the company’s website, you can find a guide to help you find the best material for your project, advice on the best settings to use, ICC profiles and a printer compatibility chart.

The Galerie Graphic line is specially designed for commercial applications. There are three glossy papers (ranging from highly glossy to satin) and a selection of translucent film, self-adhesive vinyl and matte coated papers. The Galerie Classic line can be used only with dye-based printers, but the Galerie Gold and Smooth can be used with most pigment-based or dye-based units (as always, double-check to be sure your printer can be used with the specific material).

Contact: Ilford, www.ilford.com.

Inkpress Paper
Founded as a family business by father and son Paul and Zack Dats, Inkpress Paper offers the photographer a number of choices. Their products are divided into two broad lines, Inkpress and Inkpress Pro. The pro line is focused on top-end materials for the professional.

Inkpress Paper’s stated goal is simply to make the ultimate quality in professional inkjet media. They contract with some of the most highly regarded mills in the world to produce their papers. With a deep background in photography, as well as engineering, the founders constantly work to stay on top of the latest developments in printer and printing technology so they can continue to push forward in paper development.

On their website, the company lists permanence data for their Pro Gloss and Pro Silky papers. You can see the data and also find more information about dealers and the paper specifications.

Contact: Inkpress Paper, www.inkpresspaper.com.

Moab by Legion Paper Colorado Fiber Gloss
Legion Paper
Started by a pair of entrepreneurs with a broad background in fine-art papers, Legion Paper has been around since 1994. The founders’ passion for papers has led them to scour the planet looking for all manner of interesting materials, including Thai and Japanese papers, as well as materials from France, Germany and Italy.

In the realm of digital art papers, Legion purchased the highly regarded Moab Paper company several years ago. Today, Moab continues to be an innovator, with more than a dozen different papers and canvasses in their line. Moab papers are all named for the parts of the Utah landscape where the company was born, so it’s difficult to get a sense of a paper’s characteristics from the name, but there’s nothing mysterious about the quality, which is excellent. Moab papers are sourced from a variety of mills around the world. You can order sample boxes of the entire line to find the base and surface combination that will work best for you and your images.

As a company that focuses on artists and photographers, Legion has a customer service line that’s well-staffed and can help you find the ideal material for your needs. If you have something special in mind for a project, give them a call for a consultation.

Contact: Legion Paper, www.legionpaper.com.


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