Evolution Of A Medium

John Paul Caponigro's stunning images are the nexus of personal tradition and printing technology
By Staff
{mp4}epson/JPCaponigro_Epson_FINAL{/mp4} John Paul Caponigro talks about the formative influence of his parents on his creative attitudes and expectations; the evolution of the medium and printmaking; and how that evolution through technology has allowed him to create ultimate expressions of his photographic vision. Learn more.Epson Signature Worthy CollectionDiscover why top professional…

So Retro!

The proliferation of high-end, back-to-the-future, retro-design cameras has style as well as substance
By The Editors
"Retro"-look serious cameras are hot today. Besides the nostalgia factor, they provide their users with a sense of style. We wouldn't trade the technology of our recent DSLRs and mirrorless cameras for that of the old 35mm film cameras, much less earlier digital cameras, but there's something to be said…

The Prints Are The Legacy

Greg Gorman crafts bold black and white photographs that reveal the essence of the superstars he photographs
By Staff
{mp4}epson/Gorman_Epson_Final{/mp4} Greg Gorman gives insight on how he uses the interplay between highlights and shadows in his evocative images. Inspired by the distinctive look of Helmut Newton's photograph, Gorman's style has evolved and he's now one of the most sought-after photographers in the world. Learn more.Epson Signature Worthy CollectionDiscover why…

Control Freak

Pushing the technology to its limits
By Staff
{mp4}epson/JeffSchewe_Epson_FInal{/mp4} Photographer Jeff Schewe admits, "I'm known as a kind of a technical guru, a printing guru; really those are all just means to an end, and the end is the optimal print that I can possibly make." In this video, Schewe talks about his long history with digital imaging…

Surf's Up

A veteran surf photographer's passion for the print
By Staff
{mp4}epson/SeanDavey_Epson_Final{/mp4} With over 120 magazine covers to his credit, Sean Davey understands the power of print as the ultimate expression of a photograph. Delivering a top quality fine art print is essential for Davey when marketing his work. "When i sign a print, I'm telling that customer that they're getting…

Ultimate Imaging Combo

Capturing unbelievable detail with today’s advanced photo technologies
By Staff
{mp4}epson/1-17-EpsonBTS_Motorcycle_LaRoche-Hasselblad{/mp4} What does it take to show off the capabilities of advanced photo-printing technology? Go on set at Stage 3 Productions in Warren, MI, as Epson teams up with Hasselblad to create a stunning 1.2GB RAW file image that pushes the limits of digital imaging and printing. You'll also get…
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