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Thursday, June 21, 2007

2007 Festival Of The Photograph: June 7-9, Charlottesville, Virginia

Premiering June 7- 9, 2007, the Festival of the Photograph will showcase the work of many of the world's most celebrated photographers and exciting new artists, with images ranging from the fields of photojournalism to fine art. NPR's Alex Chadwick will interview this year's featured photographers William Allard, Sally Mann and Eugene Richards on three separate evenings at the Paramount Theater.

Created by National Geographic photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols, the Festival is an exciting new photography event. The three-day program features exhibitions, outdoor projections, master classes, interviews with world-famous photographers and special events that will transform the downtown of historic Charlottesville, Virginia, into a living image.

The Festival will provide an immersive experience with photography shows virtually everywhere: in the trees, projected in storefront windows, on the sides of buildings and in all the galleries. On Friday and Saturday nights, two exciting special events will present the work of emerging photographers nominated by the Festival's advisory board in two distinct settings: an enormous warehouse complex and a 3,000-seat outdoor Pavilion located on Charlottesville's pedestrian mall.

Throughout the Festival, attendees with all levels of experience in photography are encouraged to participate by showing personal work at a special exhibit called Yourspace and/or by enrolling in master classes taught by David Alan Harvey, Maggie Steber, Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb. Please visit www.festivalofthephotograph.org for more details. Tickets are expected to sell out quickly, so register online soon.



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