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Friday, August 10, 2007

After Protests, City Agrees to Rewrite Proposed Rules on Photography Permits

“Proposin' new rules to try to get rid of me/A million in insurance just to cover liabilities!/From Little Italy all the way to Harlem/Bloomberg's jealous 'cause our movies won't star him,” the group raps in the video, shot in several outdoor locations that would require a permit under the proposed rules.

David Segal, a member of the group, said they had been making videos together since they were students at Bard College and were now doing so professionally, on a “very low budget.”

“And that only came after making hundreds of videos with no budget,” he said. “We know that ourselves, we wouldn't be able to do it had we not been able to film before these rules started getting talked about.”

The city's withdrawal represents a victory for a hastily formed advocacy group called Picture New York, which gathered more than 31,000 signatures for an online petition protesting the rules.

“We have everyone from actually extraordinarily famous fine-art photographers and filmmakers signing the petition to one man who identified himself as a garbageman and a band photographer,” Ms. Clancy, a member of the group and a video analyst who monitors police conduct, said at a news conference yesterday.

Donna Lieberman, executive director of the civil liberties union, also praised the decision, saying that the effort was helped by the “huge group of New Yorkers” who are able to move quickly and creatively “to push back when the city clamps down and represses free speech.”

She also sounded a note of caution, saying that her organization would keep pressure on the city to make sure “that photographers and filmmakers can take pictures without a permit and without $1 million of insurance as long as they're not interfering with anybody else going about their business.”

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