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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Corel Introduces Corel Painter X

Sometimes it seems like there's nothing but Photoshop when it comes to image editing, but Corel Corporation continues to offer an alternative with Corel Painter. The newest version, Painter X is, according to Corel, “Next-Generation Art Studio That Delivers a Natural Painting & Illustration Experience Unmatched by Any Other Software.”

Ottawa, Canada, February 6, 2007 - Corel Corporation (NASDAQ:CREL; TSX:CRE) today announced that Corel Painter X, the world's most powerful painting and illustration software, is now available for preorder from www.corel.com/painterx. The latest version of Corel Painter continues its focus on giving professional artists, designers and photographers a natural painting and illustration experience that is unmatched by any other software.

Delivering the next-generation art studio, Corel Painter X blurs the line between traditional and digital art like never before. Working closely with professionals including entertainment artists, commercial designers and photographers, the Corel Painter team explored the relationship between the artist's hand and the canvas. As a result, Corel Painter X sets the standard with the introduction of unparalleled performance, new composition tools and the revolutionary RealBristle Painting System that provides an organic painting and illustration experience—right down to the individual bristles on the brush.

“Throughout the development of Corel Painter X, we turned to our customers—including some of the industry's top artists, designers and photographers—to ensure that we were delivering the ultimate art studio for creating their masterpieces. We asked them to give us their perspectives on the essence of Corel Painter and what it meant to them and their work. ‘Art and Passion' was the resounding response. These inspirational themes guided us throughout our development and set the tone for the entire application. As a result, Corel Painter X is the most natural, organic and powerful version yet,” said Rick Champagne, Product Manager for Corel Painter.

Industry-Leading Professionals Praise Corel Painter X

“Corel Painter X is by far the most advanced and intuitive painting program in existence today. The new Divine Proportion Composition tool puts the compositional secrets of the masters in the palm of your hand,” said Andrew Jones, Corel Painter Master, respected game industry concept artist and cofounder of ConceptArt.org, a leading concept-art online community. “To put it simply, Corel Painter continues to evolve and push the limits, allowing me to realize my imagination's manifestations.”

“Just when I thought that Painter was the best ever, here comes Corel Painter X with more amazing surprises! The new RealBristle brushes take Corel Painter to a whole new level, delivering an experience that is more natural than I ever thought possible. Moreover, as an instructor, the powerful Customize Workspace feature is a dream come true, allowing me to share possibilities with my students that weren't available until now,” said Fay Sirkis, Corel Painter Master, Canon Print Master, and renowned instructor and artist who specializes in Photo-Painted Portraiture (www.faysartstudio.com). “Anyone who wants to take their photographs to the next level must have Corel Painter X.”

“Corel Painter is a huge part of my everyday workflow as a concept artist and illustrator, enabling me to put anything I can dream up on my canvas,” said Philip Straub, Corel Painter Master and Art Director for EA Games. “Trained as a traditional artist, I love how authentic the new RealBristle technology feels. With an amazing collection of powerful new features, Corel Painter X continues to give the digital art community the most comprehensive tool set on the planet!”


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