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Monday, February 4, 2008

ExpressDigital Releases Darkroom Assembly Edition for School Photographers

ENGLEWOOD, CO and AUSTIN, TX–-January 31, 2008 ExpressDigital is excited to announce the
release of Darkroom Assembly v8.9, a software solution that is technologically advanced without
complexity, built specifically to outfit school and group photographers with the tools to maximize
profits. This easy to use, simple workflow application provides the school and group photographer with
the tools to acquire and keep school contracts and the ability to offer state-of-the-art products that
utilize the portrait-quality greenscreen feature and the powerful Border Workshop.

“By working closely with school photography businesses ranging in size from entrepreneurial individuals to large corporations, we have created a seamless workflow designed to efficiently operate school photography productions,” explained Graham McFarland, Founder and CEO of ExpressDigital.
“The software tools in Darkroom are designed to push business efficiency, which translates directly to
helping photographers make more money.”

Portrait Quality Greenscreen
As a leader in photography workflow software, ExpressDigital maintains its edge in the industry with
advanced greenscreen technology. Greenscreen is now a practical application being embraced by
school photographers as a way to offer more products and choices to their customer base.
ExpressDigital Darkroom Assembly is on the cusp of innovation with its new advanced chroma-key
algorithms, smarter and more accurate pixel for pixel than ever before. With more control over the
expanded drop-out adjustment tools, photographers may exact precise advanced control or select one
of the many easy-to-use presets which allow for a fast and efficient greenscreen workflow.
Workflow for School Photographers
Darkroom Assembly Edition is built on the platform of 9 flexible school photography workflows,
depending on four key factors: acquiring the school data before or after the shoot, running the job as
pre-pay or speculative, shooting the photos tethered or un-tethered, and whether or not a bar code
scanner is used. ExpressDigital offers an online educational workflow tool for school photographers to
learn more about their specific school workflow while working with Darkroom Assembly. This valuable
tool is available at http://www.expressdigital.com/products/workflow-school.shtm    
PMA Education
During PMA, ExpressDigital is hosting Chris Yarberry, a successful school photographer and the owner
of Douglas Studios. Chris will be demonstrating his photography workflow and sharing his experience
with fellow school photographers. After Chris successfully entered the school photography market, he
explained: “I took 6 school contracts away from the big guys thanks to Darkroom.”  Chris will be giving educational presentations throughout the three days of PMA at ExpressDigital Booth #P150.

Pricing and Availability ExpressDigital Darkroom Assembly Edition v8.9 is available immediately for purchase.  The retail prices are as follows:  Darkroom Assembly Edition (Plus 6 hours phone training) - $2995, Darkroom Assembly Edition (Plus 2 days on-site training) - $4395. Upgrade pricing is also available. To learn more about Darkroom Assembly Edition please visit http://www.expressdigital.com/products/epsdarkroom-A.shtm.
Darkroom is offered for sale through authorized dealers and labs in the United States, Canada, UK,
Germany, Norway, Australia and South Africa.  Software is also available for sale at
www.expressdigital.com .  For a list of authorized dealers and to link to our online store, visit
www.expressdigital.com/purchase or call ExpressDigital at 888.584.0089. 
About ExpressDigital
ExpressDigital enables those engaged in the business of photography to maximize profits using technology.  “Photography inspired solutions” drive ExpressDigital to create the best products available for photography businesses of all sizes including products that cater to digital photographers, labs and large corporate photography companies.  ExpressDigital has a rounded product offering including Darkroom software, PhotoReflect.com Internet storefronts, Labtricity lab connectivity and Enrichment business services.  ExpressDigital's photography inspired solutions empower any size business using digital photography to incorporate a profitable workflow.  ExpressDigital is a leader in the digital photography market and operates on the core values of service, innovation, and knowledge. For more information please contact: 888.584.0089, www.expressdigital.com.


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