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Friday, May 9, 2008

Idée Inc. Launches TinEye, The World's First Image Identification Based Web Search Engine

TORONTO, May 6, 2008 – Today Idée Inc. announced the launch of TinEye, their image search engine. Using Idée's proprietary image search technology, TinEye allows users to search the web for images using an image.

Available in a closed beta at tineye.com, the new image search engine showcases Idée's image index and search capabilities and introduces the world's first image identification based internet search engine. TinEye leverages the computing power of Amazon's EC2 and S3, giving TinEye superb scalability.

“Today our new image identification based search engine allows users to search over 487 million images in mere seconds,” said Leila Boujnane, Idée CEO and co-founder, “but that is just the beginning.  Our unparalleled image identification technology will enable millions of users worldwide to search for images like never before.”

Instead of using tags or keywords as you would do with existing image search engines, TinEye allows you to use an actual photo, or an image from the web, to find almost instantly where that image has appeared on websites from all over the internet.

“Your system found an incredible number of non-obvious variations of the image that I supplied. Some of them are sufficiently different from the original that you are at the ‘indistinguishable from magic' stage.” — Jeffrey Barr, Web Services Evangelist, Amazon.com

Today users can search close to half a billion images from an ever-expanding index of web images. TinEye is regularly crawling the web and indexing images based on their individual digital signatures or ‘fingerprints'.  Unlike any other search engine, when TinEye finds an image, it looks at the pixels in the image. Even if the image has been altered through edits including crops, colour adjustments, objects added or removed, or even skews, TinEye can identify it.

“With years of experience in developing visual search algorithms, we have made a number of key breakthroughs in image search that go well beyond what anyone has done before.” said Paul Bloore, CTO and co-founder. “TinEye shows that we can scale our search technology and these are early days for us. We have already started web wide indexing of all digital multi-media content, including video.”

About Idée

Idée Inc. develops advanced image identification and visual search software.


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