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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Imagenomic Introduces Noiseware 5

Features include faster processing, an improved algorithm and unlimited presets

New York – July 12, 2012 – Imagenomic, an independent software vendor specializing in digital imagery enhancement solutions, has announced the release of Noiseware 5 plugin, the latest generation of its award-winning noise correction technology. Noiseware 5 features several new and improved enhancements, including a faster core algorithm that retains more image detail, a newly-designed user interface and controls, the ability to create an unlimited number of presets, and a new history control for an unlimited number of history steps.  In addition, Noiseware 5 plugin provides 64-bit native support for Mac OS X to complement the existing compatibility for Windows systems, as well as full compatibility with Adobe Photoshop CS6.
"We know our customers have been looking forward to Noiseware 5 plugin and we are gratified by the enthusiastic feedback we have been receiving from the industry and the end-users. The progressive evolution and the continued improvement of Noiseware's core algorithm embody Imagenomic's commitment to a leadership position when it comes to the quality of the processed image, the ease-of-use, and the processing speed", explains Art Ghazaryan, Co-CEO and COO. "We are also pleased with the additional improvements and features we included with this update. The new preset manager, user interface and history controls will enhance the user experience with a product that has been an industry favorite for quite some time.  Current owners of Imagenomic's Noiseware Professional plugin will be able to upgrade to Noiseware 5 at no cost to them."
Improved Processing Speed: The Noiseware 5 plugin offers improved multi-core support that renders processing speeds that are up to four times faster than version 4.0, and with its 64-bit compatibility for Mac OS X provides additional productivity benefits.
Improved Algorithm: An advanced algorithm has been incorporated into Noiseware 5 that allows photographers to retain greater image detail and is up to 25% more effective in reducing image noise.
New Preset Manager: The Noiseware 5 plugin now provides users with an unlimited number of preset capabilities, along with an unlimited number of categories for easy-to-find settings for most every type of photography and shooting environment they may encounter. In addition, photographers can now store notes and other details regarding specific presets and have the ability to import and export data.
New History Control: Noiseware 5 now includes a history control, which allows photographers to create an unlimited number of history steps to manage levels of noise reduction and return to earlier renditions as well as the ability to save them as presets.


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