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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jenoptic Recinds Sale of Sinar to Leica

Jenoptic's sale of Sinar to Leica has fallen through.

Sinar AG remains a Jenoptik Group company.

The task of Sinar has traditionally been the manufacture and distribution of analog and digital photo technology for professional photographers.

In addition to its own products, Sinar AG will also take over the distribution of the new Sinar Hy6 medium-format camera which was awarded with the Photokina Star in 2006. Designed by Jenoptik this innovative digital camera fits seamlessly into the Sinarback program. With the new camera, the backs of the Sinarback eMotion and eVolution series, also equipped with Jena-based technology, consequently offer the optimum combination for professional photographers on location or in the studio on a long-term basis.

With its over fifty national representative offices worldwide, Sinar AG has one of the most effective distribution structures in the sector. It is therefore in the optimum strategic position to meet the strong market demand that has arisen following the presentation of a functioning prototype of the new medium-format camera at Photokina 2006. Sinar will commence delivery of the Sinar Hy6 to key clients in the second quarter 2007.

The sale of Jenoptik's majority shareholding to Leica Camera AG had fallen through in December 2006 and been reversed by both parties to the agreement. “We are now looking to the future and have decided that Sinar AG is to remain integrated within the digital imaging area as an integral part of the Jenoptik Group” stated the Chairman of the Jenoptik Executive Board, Alexander von Witzleben. Sinar AG, based in the Swiss town of Feuerthalen, has approx. 50 employees.

In the area of professional digital photography Sinar AG, in conjunction with JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH and partners, develops, manufactures and distributes sophisticated digital photo technology for professional photographers—from module through to complete system solution.

Digital photo technology is an integral part of the digital imaging area. This is one of the key markets of the technology group, and the aim is to expand this further. As one of the innovation drivers, in addition to professional digital photography and scientific photography, Jenoptik is an active participant in the digital, multispectral photography systems segment for the aerospace industry and safety technology.

In the area of traffic safety technology (camera systems for traffic monitoring) through its subsidiary Robot Visual Systems, based near Düsseldorf, Jenoptik has played a key role in successfully implementing the changeover from wet film to digital technology over the last two years.



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