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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leaf Announces Special Offer with Mamiya AFDIII

Elmsford, NY, March 20, 2008 –  Leaf America is making a very attractive offer for medium format digital photographers. Buyers of a new Leaf Aptus 75, 65, or 22 back, or the Aptus S equivalent in Mamiya AFD mount, will receive a Mamiya 645 AFDII camera free of charge, with an automatic upgrade to a new AFDIII at no charge when it becomes available. The new Mamiya AFDIII will begin shipping in June.

“We want today's digital photographers to have world-renown Leaf technology at the most affordable price,” said Mark Rezzonico, VP of Leaf America. “We think this special offer is the way to do that.”

The new Mamiya 645AFDIII offers significant improvements over the previous model, including faster and quieter autofocus operation thanks to a unique powerful coreless motor, variable user selectable focus points (center, left and right), and improved internal electronic communication with Leaf backs.  The new camera also offers 2nd curtain sync for flash photography, electronic buttons to control metering modes and exposure compensation, and accepts alkaline-magnesium or lithium batteries as well as nickel-hydrogen AA batteries.

Visit  www.LeafAmerica.com and www.Mamiya.com for more information. 


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