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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mamiya Teams Up with Adobe Systems and Introduces the Mamiya ZD 22-Megapixel Digital Back

Exclusive Interchangeable IR/Low Pass Filter System

To suit a variety of photographic scenes, the standard IR (infrared) cut filter can be interchanged with the optional Low-Pass filter. The Low-Pass filter reduces or removes moire effect which makes unusual patterns when photographing clothing and also fixes aliasing. Aliasing is seen when a thin straight line is slightly tilted with respect to the array of pixels. The line will be on one line of pixels, then jump to the next, then to the next, producing a “stair step” effect. The ability to decide which filter to use guarantees the best possible results over a wide range of situations.
Lightroom software included with the ZD Back

Mamiya is the first camera manufacturer to include Lightroom software with every Mamiya ZD Digital Back. Lightroom is an all-new digital imaging solution for serious and professional photographers. Its ease of operation and ability to read Mamiya RAW digital files makes it the perfect choice for photographers looking for a modular, task-based and streamlined program that delivers a complete photographic workflow solution.
Camera Type:
AF single-lens reflex digital camera
Compatible Cameras:   
Mamiya 645AFD/645AFD II/RZ67 PRO IID (The Digital Back Adapter HX701 (sold separately) is required with the RZ67 PRO IID)
Image sensor:
48mm x 36mm full-frame-transfer dimetric RGB CCD
Aspect ratio:
Card Slot:
Twin-Slot, Slot #1: SD Card, Slot #2: CF Card (Type I/II) (256MB or more)
ISO sensitivity:
ISO 50 to 400 (1/3 steps)
Recording format:
RAW/JPEG (Exif 2.2 compliant), simultaneous RAW  JPEG
Image quality mode:
JPEG: L (5,328 x 4,000 pixels), M (4,096 x 3,072 pixels), S (3,008 x 2,256 pixels)
File size:
RAW: 35 MB (5,328 x 4,000 pixels) without compression
JPEG L: Fine approximately 10 MB, L: Normal approximately 5 MB,  L: Basic approximately 2.5 MB
JPEG M: Fine approximately 6 MB, M: Normal approximately 3 MB, M: Basic approximately 1.5 MB
JPEG S: Fine approximately 3 MB, S: Normal approximately 1.5 MB, S: Basic approximately 0.8 MB
* File sizes may differ depending on ISO sensitivity and subject.


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