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Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Sinar Hy6 Arrives

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Sinar Hy6 marks the advent of a new era for digital medium-format photography.

The product of a technological partnership between Sinar and Franke & Heidecke, it is an example of innovative drive that is set to revolutionize medium-format work for years to come.

The ideal combination of innovation and practice

The Sinar Hy6 is currently the only medium-format AF camera that covers not only the usual 6×4.5 format, but also the classic 6×6 format and thereby still has room for even larger CCDs.

With its central shutter and a shutter speed of only 1/1000 second, it is also the fastest camera in its class.

The technological innovative power of the Sinar Hy6 is totally geared to the practical needs of the professional photographer—the imaginable and the feasible combine to become reality.

The result is a camera with an intentionally flexible architecture and a modern interface, which won't be affected by future adaptations, helping investment in the Sinar Hy6 to pay for itself even faster; an investment that any professional photographer will enjoy working with.

Sinar Hy6–uncompromising advantages:

• Fast and accurate autofocus
• Easy-to-grasp operating concept
• 90° viewfinder with adjustable diopters
• USB interface for firmware upgrades
• Open interface for user-friendly back adaptations
• Waist-level finder with flip-up magnifier

Innovation 1: The best of both worlds

The Sinar Hy6 not only is an analog/digital hybrid system, but also allows for free choice of format: square 6×6 or rectangular 6×4.5. With the latter, by changing the back orientation without altering the camera position, portrait or landscape format can be chosen.

Innovation 2: Optimal image quality

The most important criterion is and will always be image quality: Thanks to the short synchronized flash speed of 1/1000 second, the Sinar Hy6 produces sharper images.

Innovation 3: Firm grip

Even if you start to perspire, the Sinar Hy6 stays cool. With this mobile and compact medium-format camera, optimal and ergonomically safe operation is assured in any position.

Innovation 4: Everything in view

Now you can really trust your eyes. Thanks to an integrated LC display in the rotatable controls grip, settings can always be read off from the same angle of view on the grip, whatever the position of the camera. The menu structure of the new operating concept has a flat design and furthermore all the main settings can be initiated through direct, mechanical actuators.

Innovation 5: Perfect light conditions

Light knows no boundaries and this is also how it should be measured: With a light metering system which is independent of the viewfinder system and an RGB sensor for optimal white balance.

Innovation 6: Always quiet

No one needs operating noise or vibrations: a totally innovative mirror drive concept ensures lower-vibration operation, and hence consistently sharper pictures.


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