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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Olympus E-System Firmware Upgrades

Another feature of the Olympus E-510 IS system is the inclusion of a Supersonic Wave Drive Motor.  This ultrasonic motor quickly and precisely moves the IS mechanism in the camera body to keep up with movement by the photographer.

Because camera body IS systems are relatively new technologies that have come into play recently, and are one of the specific advantages of cameras designed for digital capture, it is important to understand how to accurately compare and contrast the individual systems based on manufacturer specifications.

Below is a suggested test method: 

- Stabilize the camera on a stationary support like a tripod -In camera to camera comparisons be sure to use lenses that offer the same angle of view for accurate test comparisons, for example:

Olympus E-510 + 300mm = 600mm in 35mm format equivalent
Canon EOS5D + 600mm = 600mm in 35mm format equivalent
Nikon D80 + 450mm = 600mm in 35mm format equivalent 

- Make sure all settings on each camera are equally adjusted.  For example: noise and sharpening filters should be set to the same degree of adjustment for accurate test results, resolution settings (ppi x ppi) should be equal as should compression settings from camera to camera. 

The Olympus E-510 built-in IS system is capable of providing up to 4 stops of added control when active.  This means a hand-held photo taken at 1/8 of a second would appear similar to photo taken at 1/60 of a second.  If test comparisons are completed accurately as suggested above, the benefit of the Olympus IS system over the competition should be apparent.


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