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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Picture-Perfect Color Management Seminars

Are you unhappy with prints that don't match your monitor? Confused by RAW file formats and ICC profiling? Not getting the best results from your inkjet printer or photo imager?

With an understanding of how to manage photographic color, you can solve these problems quickly and easily. X-Rite Color Services, in conjunction with Adobe, Epson and Fuji, is offering a seminar to help you perfect your digital photo workflow.

Balancing Art & Technology

Photography requires both vision and technique. This seminar is led by Phil Nelson, a working professional photographer and strong proponent of the digital workflow. As an X-Rite Color Expert he has helped hundreds of photographers and printers improve their color. Phil will make color management easy to understand and apply to your camera, scanner, image editing, monitor, proofing and final output.

What You'll Learn

• Digital basics & ICC color management

• Options for RAW processing

• Adobe Photoshop and Bridge

• Getting accurate color on screen

• Matching color to photographic printers

• Effective soft and hard proofing

• Prepping files for clients and service providers

What's Included

For $299, attendees receive a full day of seminar instruction (9 am-4:30 pm), live demos, lunch and our Photo Color Toolkit. The kit includes a full-color presentation workbook, Need to Know: Color manual, Resource CD and discounts/information from event sponsors.


For venue details and online registration visit www.pictureperfectcolor.com or call (8880 439-4403 x200 to speak with seminar coordinators and register by phone. Through special arrangement with X-Rite Photo Marketing, use coupon code “XPM” and receive $35 off the registration price!

What Past Attendees Say

“The instructor was a great educator and gave examples that really helped me grasp the concept of color profiling.” - Susan Altman, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

“Took a very complex, nonintuitive subject and broke it down so that it was extremely approachable.” - Whitney Claire McKion, iCandy Art Studio

Who Should Attend

• Photographers
• Photo assistants
• Photo lab professionals
• Digital print service providers
• Anyone transitioning to digital


Digital Color Fundamentals
• Practical photo framework
• Terminology
• The 3 Cs of color management
• Color observers and human perception
• RGB and CMYK color models
• How profiles work

ICC Color Management Workflow
• Working spaces and rendering intents
• Application setup
• Adobe Photoshop & Bridge

Monitor Profiling
• Proper viewing conditions
• Evaluating ambient room light
• Creating the best possible profile

Professional Camera Setup
• White balance
• Handling RAW file formats
• Camera profiling
• Test charts

Scanner Profiling
• Test charts
• Scanner settings
• Profiling process

Printer Profiling
• Profiling laser and inkjet printers
• Drivers, RIPs and third party media

Applied Color Management
• Working spaces
• Handling existing and customer files
• Applying profiles for output
• Profile evaluation

Tour Stops

May 15 • Boston
May 17 • New York
May 22 • Washington DC
May 24 • Philadelphia
May 29 • Kansas City
May 31 • Houston
June 12 • Denver
June 14 • Dallas
June 19 • Los Angeles
June 21 • Portland, OR
June 26 • San Francisco
June 28 • Seattle
July 10 • Chicago
July 12 • Toronto
July 24 • Cincinnati
July 26 • Detroit
July 31 • Nashville
August 2 • Charlotte
August 7 • Atlanta
August 9 • Orlando
August 21 • Montreal
August 23 • Baltimore
August 28 • Indianapolis
August 30 • St. Louis
September 25 • Milwaukee
September 27 • Minneapolis

Bring Along the Team

For a color-managed photo workflow to really work, you need to get your entire team on board throughout the process. One way to get everyone working together is to bring the team with you to the seminar.

Groups of three or more are invited to attend for only $249 per attendee. This $50 discount is available by phone at (888) 439-4403 x200 for any combination of seminar cities.

Training Guarantee

This seminar is presented by X-Rite Color Services. No geek speak, no sales pitch. We are industry experts presenting the relevant information you need in an easy-to-understand format, or your money back.



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