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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Powerful, Location-Ready Profoto B1

New self-contained, high-power, wireless TTL flash unveiled

The new Profoto B1 has been big news today. We’re looking forward to receiving a test unit that we can do some shooting with ourselves when Profoto is able to send one to us. The TTL-capable B1 is made to fit in with the current working model for many pros. The self-contained strobe is cordless, powered by an exchangeable battery that provides 220 full-power flashes at a charge.

It’s wirelessly synced via an Air System up to 1000ft away. The 500W max power output makes it ten times as powerful as an average flash, making it suitable for outdoor location shooting and lighting large groups. Setting the B1 on QuickBurst lowers the power setting and increases the speed to allow up to 20 flashes per second. The Air Remote TTL-C may be added to your hot shoe mount to remotely control the B1 in TTL or Manual mode. Equipped with a high-efficiency LED modeling light, it may also be used as a location video light.

Here are the highpoints from Profoto’s press release:


  • Off-camera Flash
    Place it wherever you want.
  • With TTL
    Set the light in a flash.
  • Without Cords
    Bring it wherever you want.
  • With Power
    Ten times that of the average speedlight.
  • With Speed
    Provides up to 20 flashes per second.
  • With Light Shaping
    120 Light Shaping Tools to choose from.

List Price: $2000. Contact: Profoto, www.profoto.com.


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