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Thursday, June 21, 2007

X-Rite Offers Discounted Color Management Seminar

DPP This WeekFor a color-managed workflow to really work, you need to get others throughout the process on board. This program includes new content to help you establish digital policies and communicate color more effectively to others in the design and production workflow. Your Color Toolkit includes guidelines to help set customer expectations and specs for incoming files. You'll learn the questions to ask your printers and service providers.

X-Rite will even share how to get your IT staff to support your color standards.

Bring Along the Team—One way to get everyone working together is to bring them with you to the seminar. Take your entire design team, bring along your boss, invite key clients or send your sales, client relations and IT staff. Groups of four or more are invited to attend for only $250 per attendee. This discount is available by phone at (888) 439-4403 for any combination of seminar cities. Click here for more information: www.colorwithoutlimits.com


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