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December 2009


  • December 2009

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • First Look: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV

    Built for action, the newest camera in the EOS-1D line has built-in HD video and a maximum ISO above 100,000

    Canon introduced the EOS-1D Mark III high-speed pro D-SLR some 2½ years ago, and that 10.1-megapixel, 10 fps camera quickly became a favorite with action pros for its shooting speed and with still others for its fine image quality.
  • First Look: Nikon D3S

    The D3S is Nikon’s latest FX-format (full-frame) D-SLR. It adds 720p HD video capability and an almost unbelievable maximum ISO of 102,400

    The latest top-level pro model from Nikon, the D3S, has arrived. With a newly designed, 12.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that has a standard ISO range of 200 to 12,800, you can capture low-light images that would have been all but impossible before.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Print In-House

    New printer technology makes this the right time to think about an upgrade

    It’s easy in this all-digital world to go much too long without printing your work.
  • Misinformation: Sensor Tech

    There are fundamental differences between CCD and CMOS, but both are capable of pro-quality imagery

    As is the habit in technology, there once was a war brewing between two competing technologies, CCD and CMOS sensors.
  • Will The Megapixel Wars End?

    As resolution climbs into the stratosphere, pixel counts aren’t necessarily the most important specification in a D-SLR

    The single most important specification driving camera sales in the digital era has been the megapixel count.


  • Antonin Kratochvil: Master Of Conflict

    A photographer without borders, Antonin Kratochvil creates gritty images that reveal the essence of human suffering and spirit

    The life of a photojournalist is a rather fearless one, especially for those drawn to places where uprisings, civil war, famine and other matters of human suffering are rife.
  • Brenda Manookin: Master Of The New Visual Journalism

    An emerging professional challenges the notion of a traditional photojournalist

    The world is filled with talented photographers who use their work to aid worthy causes. Few of them put a humanitarian agenda ahead of their own photographic goals, however.
  • Chase Jarvis: Master Of The New Media

    Chase Jarvis is the consummate photographer, bringing a pure love for the medium and an energy-fueled gusto to the world of commercial photography

    A friend once said that you can do anything you want, but you can’t do everything you want. Chase Jarvis is using the power of the digital age to prove him wrong.
  • Dan Winters: Master Of The Timeless Portraits

    Top editorial photographer Dan Winters takes revealing pictures of the most famous faces in a way that’s simple, quiet and one-of-a-kind

    Don’t ask Dan Winters about his photographic style.
  • David LaChapelle: Master Of Making Everyone Look Good

    One of the most iconic photographers, David LaChapelle may have left the rat race for the tropical paradise of Maui, but his stamp on the medium is indelible

    David LaChapelle has left the building or, more to the point, he has left the continent.
  • Douglas Kirkland: Master Of Italian Cinema

    Douglas Kirkland got a unique assignment from Vanity Fair Italy, and he turned it into a masterpiece

    Few photographers have had more dream assignments than Canadian-born, Hollywood-based Douglas Kirkland.
  • Julius Shulman: Master Of Architecture

    The late Julius Shulman was at the vanguard of architectural photography

    On July 15, 2009, famed architectural photographer Julius Shulman passed away at the age of 98.
  • Klinko & Indrani: Masters Of Moving Forward

    Markus Klinko and Indrani have branched out from their established roles of photographing celebrities and supermodels to making moving images and, not surprisingly, their latest project is a reality TV show that makes the photographers the stars

    I’m excited,” says Markus Klinko of the well-known and often controversial photo team, Klinko and Indrani. “We have some new avenues we’re exploring and expanding into, and it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter for us.”
  • Martin Wonnacott: Master Of The Bar

    The beautiful beverage photography of Martin Wonnacott

    Keep it simple, stupid. That’s Martin Wonnacott’s advice for photographers striving to make the beautifully elegant still life images he does.
  • Michael DeYoung: Master Of Outdoor Lifestyle

    The consummate adventurer, Michael DeYoung has built his career on bringing viewers into his vivid and active outdoor scenes

    Fixing your eyes on Michael DeYoung’s adventure photography is a thrill.
  • Richard Reinsdorf: Master Of Architectural Fashion

    Richard Reinsdorf blends building design and glamour in his provocative images

    Richard Reinsdorf remembers standing in New York’s Rockefeller Center as a child and carefully framing the statue of Atlas in the viewfinder of his Kodak Instamatic.


  • Proofing

    To make consistent prints, a proofing regimen is a good idea

    Proofing: Evaluating an image printed on a particular substrate, making adjustments, reprinting, reevaluating the image, and repeating until optimum results are achieved.


  • Managing Your Photographic Legacy: Part I

    Taking a long-term perspective on creating your digital archive

    By now, all of us know that photography changed forever the moment we began to capture our pictures digitally rather than on film. Overnight, film was dead for most of us, and every exposure made after that had to be imported into the computer before it could be viewed at all.


  • Is Fair Use Really Fair?

    As it exists today, “fair use” is a confusing and complex problem for photographers

    One of the most perplexing and confusing aspects of copyright law is the concept of “fair use.” Of the various limitations on the rights that copyright owners have under U.S. copyright law, fair use is the most widely known.
  • Vision To Visuals: The Model Project

    A cutting-edge display for a cutting-edge project

    Illustration has long struggled to gain a distinct place for itself in the fine-art world.

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