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December 2010


  • Camera Tech You Need To Know About

    These days, a lot of innovation in photography is starting out in lower-end cameras. Some of these features are going to change the way you work as a pro.

    Pro DSLRs provide a lot of vital features, many of which have been around since film days
  • December 2010

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • DPP Solutions: Alien Skin Bokeh 2

    Powerful software that lets you simulate a wide-open aperture and limited depth of field

    One day, no one had ever heard the term, and the next, it was appearing on lens spec sheets as though it had always been there.
  • Four Hot Lighting Looks

    Knowing how to create these effects can help bring your portfolio to the top of the list when you’re bidding on a gig

    Everyone is looking for a way to make his or her images stand out from the crowd.
  • Misinformation: Film Tech

    Film is a living, breathing medium in the age of digital

    Life rarely provides one perfect solution to a problem, but success often means choosing the best of many paths toward reaching your final goal.


  • August Bradley: Master Of The Future

    While other photographers struggle in the new digital business model, August Bradley is turning his meticulously composed fine-art imagery into commercial success

    August Bradley’s conceptual approach to fashion and commercial imagery is heavy on mystery, allegory and visual narratives that have their roots in classic literature as much as they do fine art—not an easy sell for a photographer working in the gentrified world of advertising.
  • Frits van Eldik: Master Of Motor Sports

    Frits van Eldik begins with a vision and from there creates some of the most evocative and intense racing photographs in the world

    As a boy, Frits van Eldik surrounded himself with cars and photographs.
  • Jodi Cobb: Master Of Resonating Image

    Longtime National Geographic staff photographer Jodi Cobb talks about the challenges of being a photo essayist in today’s environment that diminutively labels photographers as content providers

    It was everywhere. My email inbox got five or six copies, and the story was plastered all over Facebook and Twitter.
  • Justin Fantl: Master Of A New Path

    Emerging Pro Justin Fantl uses his singular vision to craft a diverse portfolio

    Justin Fantl has been making a living as a photographer for only two years.
  • Lillian Bassman: Master Of The Fashion Curve

    Now in her 90s, Lillian Bassman continues to produce groundbreaking imagery for some of the biggest names in the fashion business

    In 2004, at age 87, famed fashion photographer Lillian Bassman “discovered” Photoshop.
  • Nick Ut: Master Of Spot News

    From Hell to Hollywood, Nick Ut gets the shots that the editorial desk needs. He never misses, and he does his work with style and aplomb.

  • Peter Yang: Master Of Ideas & Light

    Peter Yang builds perfect portraits out of props, concepts and lighting

    Peter Yang has fans. It’s not like he needs bodyguards to escort him down the street to avoid being stopped for autographs or stalked by paparazzi, but photographers love this guy.


  • The Art Of Elimination

    Crop or retouch

    As visual communicators, we’re responsible for everything that’s in the frame; we’re also responsible for everything that’s not in the frame.


  • Hi-Tech Studio: Boot Camp

    Shane Hurlbut, ASC, and his Elite Team lead the HD DSLR revolution into battle

    More and more filmmakers are selling their camcorders and replacing them with smaller, less expensive HD DSLRs, which is having a huge impact on both independent production and select studio work.
  • The New Photojournalism Frontier

    VII The Magazine looks to reshape how visual stories are told, distributed and paid for in a tough, uncertain economic climate

    The great demise of print media and, subsequently, photojournalism, has been talked about ad nauseam for years now.
  • Vision To Visuals: A Moment In Time

    Julian Lennon’s personal and profound Timeless exhibition

    A photographer, etymologically speaking, is one who “writes” (graphe) with “light” (photos).

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