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December 2011


  • December 2011

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • DPP Solutions: Do You Still Need Photoshop?

    It’s the pro standard because of its power and features, but other options may be a better choice for many imaging tasks

    The gold standard for photographers has been Photoshop since its introduction.
  • DPP Solutions: Organization Software

    A brief look at the professional options

    Elsewhere in this issue, we have an article questioning whether you always need to be using Photoshop.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Top 5 Accessories For Motion

    As you add motion to your repertoire, these are essential additions to your kit

    If you recently purchased your first DSLR with HD video capability and you're starting to experiment with motion capture and even narrative filmmaking, we have some advice on critical accessories to add to your bag.
  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    More than megapixels, it’s the ability to connect that’s driving the rise in camera phones over point-and-shoot cameras

    It's amazing what Apple has been able to fit into its tiny iPhone 4S.
  • RED For Still & Motion

    With cameras that are making an impact in Hollywood, RED is poised to become a major player with its Digital Still & Motion Camera technology

    DSLRs are the primary tools of professional photographers, so we naturally feel like any feature or technology that's built into them is a feature of which we should be masters.


  • Arny Freytag: Master Of The centerfold

    With an eye for detail, unparalleled lighting skills and the ability to connect with a model, Arny Freytag’s career at Playboy traces that magazine’s cutting-edge glamour nude photography

    Beginning publication in 1953, Playboy rose to become one of the most iconic magazines and a force that sought to liberate a puritanical America.
  • Diane Cook And Len Jenshel: Master Of Doubling Up

    Diane Cook and Len Jenshel merge their photographic talents into a singular vision that serves both art and commerce

    Photography has its share of artistic tag teams, from the Starn Twins to McDermott & McGough to Kahn & Selesnick.
  • Douglas Dubler: Master Of Balletic Motion

    Douglas Dubler’s work with dance and ballet began almost 40 years ago. His latest images capture the beauty of the art through meticulous timing, lighting and artistic vision.

    Motion and stillness—two elements of the dance that must be carefully balanced and interwoven to create compelling choreography, and that must somehow be captured and expressed in compelling dance photography.
  • Douglas Kirkland: Master Of The Parka

    Connect world-renowned photographer Douglas Kirkland with an iconic, 180-year clothing brand famous for both style and substance, mix in 18 arts, film and music legends, and you get a collection of images that reveals the diverse facets of each

    Douglas Kirkland is a living legend.
  • Ellen von Unwerth: Master Of Not The Girl Next Door

    Ellen von Unwerth blends art, fantasy and fashion in her striking imagery

    Ellen von Unwerth knows her way around both sides of a camera.
  • Michael Clark: Master Of Adventure

    From his New Mexico base of operations, Michael Clark is a global photographer whose clients have him chasing swells, climbing mountains and braving the elements. In a down economy, Clark is having a banner year.

    Michael Clark wanted to climb mountains and ride bikes and take pictures, so just a year out of college, he left the physics lab and followed his passion.
  • Mike Ruiz: Master Of Hopefulness

    Mike Ruiz grounds his glitz and glamour celebrity photography with a healthy optimism and a definitive love of pop culture

    Mike Ruiz is a very busy guy.
  • Pete Souza: Master Of The White house

    Pete Souza has been official photographer to two U.S. presidents. His access and an ability to catch intimate moments enable him to create images that illustrate history.

    In 1846, James Polk became the first president to be photographed, but it wasn't until the Kennedy administration that the first official White House photographer was appointed.
  • Platon: Master Of The Portrait Of Power

    Artistic, charming and apolitical, Platon has captured intense and revealing photographs of world leaders. The photographer refrains from passing judgment on these subjects—he invites the viewer to do it.

    The resulting portraits are respectful, insightful and presented without judgment. He leaves that to the viewer and to history.


  • The Right Resolution

    The conventional wisdom says set 300 dpi and forget it, but it turns out that there’s more to optimizing image resolution for fine-art printing

    There seems to be some confusion in the industry about how to prepare and optimize image resolution for fine-art printing from modern high-end inkjet printers.


  • Vision To Visuals: A Moveable Feast

    Painter Nicole Etienne experiments with photography and printing

    "I was hooked like a magpie to shiny things,"says Nicole Etienne, the dynamic young painter known for her "luscious" paintings, of her first encounter with print materials at Duggal.

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