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December 2012


  • Cameras For A Modern Cartier-Bresson

    New small, but highly capable cameras give street shooters and photojournalists some interesting options for making ­top-quality images

    Henri Cartier-Bresson was a brilliant photographer who saw the potential of the 35mm Leica M camera for capturing intimate and decisive moments.
  • December 2012

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • DPP Solutions: Essential Software

    A quick look at what you should have on your computer

    Unless you're hoarding a freezer-full of film and chemicals and submitting your slides, negatives and prints in mailers, you're going to need to have and use at least some software
  • DPP Solutions: Phase-Detect Adapter System

    The Sony LA-EA2 gives Sony shooters a powerful option for mounting A-mount lenses on an E-mount camera

    Professional photographers can't afford to wait for the camera to be ready to get a photo.
  • Epson Stylus Pro 7890

    Create Exhibition-Quality Prints With This High-Performance 24-Inch Printer

    The Epson Stylus Pro 7890 is a pro-level, large-format inkjet printer that uses industry-leading technology to optimize image quality, reduce waste and increase printing speed.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Monolights

    As ideal lighting for studio or location photographers, monolights give you a great combination of power, control and portability

    Today's pros use two main types of light in the studio: electronic flash and continuous "hot" lights.
  • Misinformation: Business Tech

    Sometimes you don’t need a model release, but it’s still a good idea to have one on you

    The Right of Publicity is the control over the commercial use of your identity, which can include your image, likeness, name and any identifying features like your voice, signature or even mannerisms.
  • New Sony SLT- A99V

    The world’s first full-frame translucent mirror camera is a professional tool with a robust mix of high-end features, a 24-megapixel sensor and powerful, pro-level HD video capabilities

    The SLT-A99V is Sony's first full-frame TMT (Translucent Mirror Technology) camera.


  • Colin Finlay: Master Of The Mix

    Finding a new photographic direction to explore, Colin Finlay creates a series of multilayered portraits that bring a more hands-on approach to his photography

    Professional photographers can't afford to wait for the camera to be ready to get a photo.
  • David Alan Harvey: Master Of The True Story

    David Alan Harvey is one of the leading Magnum photojournalists. His BURN Magazine brings the vision of the next generation to the attention of the world.

    While David Alan Harvey's photographs ring true, his personal life is one of legend.
  • Indira Cesarine: Master Of The Untitled

    Indira Cesarine has an instinct for creating striking fashion images that are always original

    In Bravo TV's reality show Make Me A Supermodel, the photographer behind the lens for one of the episodes, Indira Cesarine, is so striking that you wonder why she isn't in front of the camera instead.
  • Joel Meyerowitz: Master Of Many Colors

    Joel Meyerowitz has been one of the leading fine-art photographers of the last 50 years. His career includes some of the most poignant photos from Ground Zero in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

    Joel Meyerowitz is the recipient of the Lucie Foundation's 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award. This latest accolade doesn't signal retirement—far from it. When the news reached him, Meyerowitz was exploring Tuscany with a 4x5 and a state-of-the-art Leica S2.
  • Mark DeLong: Master Of Perfection

    Mark DeLong sees in still and in motion, and he is as meticulous as he is creative through all aspects of both

    Celebrity, fashion and commercial advertising photographer Mark DeLong speaks softly and carries a big camera, or rather two cameras, one for stills and one for the moving image.
  • Melissa Rodwell: Master Of Rock ’N’ Roll Couture

    Melissa Rodwell’s fashion sense is dark and mysterious

    Setting out to become a fashion photographer is a lot like deciding to be a rock star:
  • Nikola Borissov: Master Of The Wanderlust

    Fashion and beauty from world traveler Nikola Borissov

    He agrees that imagery and aesthetics used to be largely affected by geography, but as digital connects us, those kinds of differences are finding themselves mitigated.
  • Stephen Frink: Master The Over/Under

    Acclaimed marine photographer Stephen Frink uses the camera to go back to his days as a competitive swimmer

    Every four years competitive swimming has a very big moment.


  • Extended Depth Of Field

    Focus stacking defeats the limits of optics

    How deep would you like your depth of field?
  • Manage The Blur

    How to use shutter angles for creative control in your motion-capture work

    The advent of digital cinematography has opened up new creative possibilities for how motion is captured.


  • Visioneer’s Gallery: Marilyn Reinvented

    An extraordinary new exhibit of Bert Stern’s photos of Marilyn Monroe at Milk Studios in Manhattan

    "Diamonds are a girl's best friends," sang Marilyn Monroe mellifluously in 1953, forever embalming her charismatic appeal into the highest echelons of glitz and glamour in the world.

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