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December 2013


  • December 2013

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Hi-Tech Studio: Wide-Format Printers

    These 24-inch printers from Canon and Epson are in the sweet spot for making large, limited-edition prints in your studio

    The 24-inch printer is a specialty item for most studios, but these larger printers give you some clear advantages for making gallery prints for display and for sale directly.
  • Misinformation: Watermarks, Help Or Hindrance? If you get three photographers into a room, you'll probably have four opinions on the topic of watermarks.
  • The Best Of The Best

    A look at the top pro DSLRs available today from 35mm and medium-format camera models

    There are two main types of DSLRs: Those based on the 35mm SLR form factor and those based on medium-format.
  • Visioneers Gallery: Surrounding Fashion Week

    Displaying images that emphasize the crucial link between fashion and photography

    Coco Chanel, the iconic fashion designer, once remarked, "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only".


  • 7th Annual Emerging Pro Finalists

    Check out the stories behind the final projects of some of the top filmmakers who were selected to produce original films for our contest

    Thanks to support from RED, Zeiss and Adobe, this year's Emerging Pro contest was a huge success.
  • Chris Crisman: Master Of The Person In Their Place

    In his environmental portraits, Chris Crisman creates highly polished images that show the humanism that drives the Philadelphia-based photographer

    The goal of any environmental portrait is to place the person being photographed in the surroundings that reflect that individual's personality.
  • Emily Shur: Master Of Illuminating Fame

    Emily Shur creates celebrity portraits that are as fun as they are beautiful

    Celebrity portrait photographer Emily Shur's primary task is collaboration.
  • Howard Schatz: Master Of The Act

    Howard Schatz’s new book of portraits is a thoughtful study of actors acting

    The actor pauses for a moment, processes the suggestion, then begins.
  • Kristian Schuller: Master Of Epic Fashion

    A flair for theatrics gives Kristian Schuller’s fashion photography a dramatic edge

    For fashion photographer Kristian Schuller, art imitates life.
  • Marco Grob: Master Of Faces

    Observing the light, Marco Grob uses chiaroscuro to create his captivating images

    New York-based Marco Grob worked for 20 years as a still life/product photographer in his native Switzerland
  • Mothership & Scout

    How to work with photos on location and seamlessly integrate them back into your studio’s system working with Apple Aperture

    As the plane clears 10,000 feet, I open up my MacBook Air and launch Aperture 3.
  • Yunghi Kim: Master Of Standing Ground

    With thirty years of war photography under her belt, photojournalist Yunghi Kim is turning to more personal work

    For a photographer who has accomplished so much with her life, Yunghi Kim is shockingly honest in her humility.
  • Zack Arias: Master Of The Balancing Act

    Zack Arias is utilizing the powerful promotional possibilities of the internet for all that it’s worth

    Based out of Atlanta, the photographer is omnipresent on the web, with an absolutely massive Facebook and Twitter following.


  • Photoshop Blur Filters, Part I

    Take complete control of the blur effect in your images in the computer

    Thoroughly understanding your postprocessing options will help you make choices about when and how to control blur in your images before, during and after exposure.


  • DPP Solutions: Model Release Basics

    When it comes to both image sales and protecting yourself from liability, this simple form can be a lifesaver

    A model release is simply a liability waiver from the subject of a photograph that allows the said imagery to be published.

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