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January/February 2004


  • Doug Menuez - Journalist's Eye

    Photographer Doug Menuez's years of photojournalism experience lend a fresh realism to his commercial and fine-art work

    Doug Menuez doesn't want to be pigeonholed—and it shows. The award-winning photographer has covered advertising and fashion campaigns for major brands such as Amazon.com, Champion, Microsoft and Reebok, and is a serious fine-art photographer, as well. Yet he has strong roots in photojournalism, having shot the milestone stories of the 1980s, such as the AIDS crisis, the famine in Ethiopia and the drug wars for hard-hitting publications, including The Washington Post, Time, Life and Fortune.

  • Douglas Kirkland - For Art & Glamour

    Douglas Kirkland has been at the top of fashion photography for more than four decades. In that time, he has always embraced new ideas and technologies.

    Douglas Kirkland is one of the true masters of his medium. He has been through more than one revolution in photography, and while those who couldn't or wouldn't adapt to the changing times were left behind, Kirkland always embraced what the world of photography offered up. That spirit of continuous renewal of vision and outlook has kept Kirkland at the pinnacle of his art.

  • Nick Vedros - Funny Business

    Photographer Nick Vedros has an eye for style and a head for business

    As a successful photographer, Nick Vedros has a style that's unique and a client list that includes the largest companies in the world. You've no doubt seen his work, and it's probably made you smile. It's this quirky brand of humor—and his flawless execution—that keep clients grinning, too.

  • Regis Lefebure - Motor Drive Required

    In the 200 mph world of professional motorsports, a photographer needs to be able to get ahead just to keep up with the action. Regis Lefebure relies on experience and the right gear to get the shots.

    Speed. Color. Power. Control. Digital imaging has brought these elements to the forefront of my motorsports photography as never before—they're integral to photographing the sport. Computers with 64-bit processors, Adobe's Photoshop CS and Camera Raw, laptops with 17-inch screens, high-speed Internet, and powerful, blazing-fast digital SLR cameras have become my photography tools of choice.


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