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January/February 2010


  • DSLRs For Feature Films

    From Bollywood To Hollywood: Director Snehal Patel and cinematographer Rodney Charters, ASC, take advantage of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II’s small form factor and monster-sized sensor to create the epic short film Indian Gangster

    As HD video proliferates the DSLR world, more and more still photographers are trying their hand at moving images. Vincent Laforet’s Reverie opened the floodgates, and the torrent has flowed forth.
  • DSLRs For Low Light

    The combination of improved sensors, advanced processing engines and powerful algorithms makes the current lineup of pro DSLRs capable of a whole new kind of low-light photography

    Low-light and action photographers have long fought the good battle with the shutter-speed/ aperture/ISO monster: You need a fast enough shutter speed to capture the action (or to prevent camera shake in handheld low-light shots), a small enough aperture to provide the needed depth of field and a low enough ISO to get good image quality.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: An Option For Continuous Lighting

    Cinematic equipment maker ARRI has several options, including new hybrid kits

    With DSLRs and video taking the photography and film worlds by storm, more and more photographers are looking to break into motion work.
  • January/February 2010

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    ISO has become a third variable in the exposure equation

    Once upon a time, a high ISO was used as an absolute last resort in low-light situations.
  • The Importance Of Sound

    In discussion with DPP, sound master Mark Adams describes the ins and outs of working with sound for multimedia and HD video productions

    Los Angeles-based location sound mixer extraordinaire Mark Adams has traveled the world capturing sound for productions including the Olympics, NBA Entertainment, Major League Baseball Productions, CBS, MTV and National Geographic.


  • Jared McMillen: Energy & Emotion

    The sports portraiture of Jared McMillen

    When Jared McMillen planned for a career in the sports world, it wasn’t as a photographer. He was an athlete, a professional rock climber who lived out of his van when he started documenting his adventures.
  • Larry Armstrong: A Beginner’s Mind

    Former L.A. Times Director Of Photography Larry Armstrong guided the newspaper through technological upheaval and radical, fundamental changes in photojournalism

    Nobel Prize-winning author Yasunari Kawabata’s book Snow Country begins: “The train came out of the long tunnel into the snow country.


  • Reduce Noise With Photoshop Filters

    Despeckle, Dust & Scratches, Median and Reduce Noise are all tools that are built into Photoshop, and they may be the only tools you need

    Despeckle, Dust & Scratches, Median and Reduce Noise.
  • The Digital Decisive Moment

    We’re entering an era of new possibilities, where low-noise and high-ISO digital capture is defining new aesthetics. And it’s not just about low-light shooting.

    For years, photographers have marveled at the ways in which technology has revolutionized how we work.


  • A Brief Guide To HDR Photography

    High-dynamic-range photography has caught on like wildfire, and now with DSLRs capable of creating HDR images automatically, it’s time to revisit this hot trend

    If you go to the beach at sunset and see a brilliant sunset, what do you see? You clearly see the detail in the sand, in the sky and can enjoy the sunset.
  • DPP Solutions: Get The Hyperreal Look

    The most powerful software that you haven’t heard of just might be Lucis Pro 6.0

    One of the hottest looks going right now is the HDR look. Sometimes it’s called hyperreal, tone-mapped or just gritty.


  • Release Me!

    If you want to feel properly protected and have the latitude to maximize your ability to sell an image, don’t forget the model releases when you hit the street

    Like many photographers, my way of seeing the world was influenced by images capturing discrete moments in time in everyday places.
  • Vision To Visuals: Challenging The Norms

    Find your style

    Photography always has played an integral role in the world of fashion.

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