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January/February 2012


  • DPP Solutions: Go Wireless

    Cut the cord to improve the audio when you’re shooting HD video with your DSLR

    Most HD video DSLRs have the ability to deliver superb, broadcast-quality images.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Portable Flash Modifiers

    Get the versatility and control of a studio strobe from your portable flash units

    More and more photographers are relying on small flash units instead of large, bulky, studio-type gear because it's cost-effective
  • January/February 2012

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    New cameras aren’t the only mark of innovation

    2011 was something of a perfect storm for the camera industry.
  • The 3-Lens Solution

    Be prepared to work in any situation with an efficient set of high-quality optics that covers the majority of focal lengths

    In a difficult economy, pro photographers often have a hard time saying no to a job possibility, even if it involves working outside of their comfort zone.
  • What’s The Future Of Still Capture?

    In 2012, new camera concepts are poised to fundamentally change photography forever

    Since the Canon EOS 5D Mark II came out and made such a huge impact on photographers' ability to capture both still and HD video motion in a single camera, the buzz word of "convergence" has been a raging topic.


  • August Bradley: 99 Faces Of Occupy Wall Street

    August Bradley goes viral with a personal project that was simple to execute and brought immediate media attention

    As the Arab Spring showed us just this last year, communication has become, for all practical purposes, instantaneous.
  • Gerd Ludwig: Living With Chernobyl

    Gerd Ludwig has studied this Russian nuclear meltdown for 25 years, photographing the place and the people whose lives it has affected

    I'm scrolling through a powerful collection of photos on my iPad.
  • Howard Schatz: With Child

    Howard Schatz’s 20-year study of the pregnant female form in black-and-white

    Howard Schatz has children to thank for some of his best work.
  • Sanjay Kothari: Shanghai Transformations

    Sanjay Kothari traded the frustration of NYC’s photography market for China’s cosmopolitan, vibrant commercial center. The move has given him a level of creative freedom that wasn’t possible in the U.S.

    The scene is set against the spectacular backdrop of Guilin's karst mountains along the Li River in China.


  • High Pass Sharpening

    Try this advanced technique for creative sharpening effects

    There are three methods of sharpening in Photoshop that we should all be aware of: Luminance, Edge and High Pass sharpening.
  • Shooting For Post

    How to be an efficient photographer by shooting with the Photoshop work in mind

    Usually, blowing off details when you shoot because you know you can fix them in Photoshop isn't a good idea, and often it's not as possible or as easy as you think. However, making images around a concept that uses Photoshop to pull it off is a great way to work.
  • The Art & Craft Of Modern Storytelling

    How to make a compelling photo essay in the Internet age

    The photo essay came of age in the heyday of the large-circulation, general-interest print magazines.


  • The Fair Use Quandary

    The anatomy of a copyright infringement dispute

    Much has been written recently regarding Jay Maisel's enforcement of his copyrights, and especially of the demand that he made against Portland, Oregon-based Andy Baio, a self-described writer and tech entrepreneur, arising from Baio's unauthorized use of the cover art from one of Miles Davis' records.
  • Vision To Visuals: Culture Club

    A nightlife hot spot uses artistic fashion photography to set the tone

    Of all experiences in New York City that can make a newcomer feel like an instant New Yorker, spending an evening in one of the city's famed nightclubs has to be among the top five.

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