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January/February 2014


  • Battery Powered Monolights

    With a combination of portability, power, versatility and the ability to be used away from an AC outlet, battery-powered monolights are gaining an increasing following among professional photographers

    Monolights are self-contained pro flash units that plug into standard AC wall sockets, no separate power pack needed.
  • DPP Solutions: Jibbing

    Get a cool move in motion shots and a new perspective in still shots with these versatile camera supports

    A slider is a simple rail with a camera mount that allows you to get a smooth dolly effect in your motion shots.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: The Softbox

    The essential light modifier for all genres of professional photography

    Softboxes create directional, diffuse, natural-looking light.
  • January/February 2014

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • The Essentials

    Top pros share the gear they can’t live without

    We reached out to several professional photographers with a simple question: What's the gear you can't live without?
  • The Future Of C Prints

    Using a massive, new Polielettronica HD C-printer, Duggal Visual Solutions is producing jumbo-sized photographs with an apparent resolution of 6100 dpi

    Since the beginning of the medium, photographers have sought to make the largest possible sharp prints of their images.


  • Art Streiber: Tell Me What You Want Me To Do

    In his photography of Hollywood’s A-list, Art Streiber coaxes the artists into performing for his camera

    For the past two decades, Los Angeles-based photographer Art Streiber has been documenting the who's who of Hollywood and beyond, with his portrait and entertainment photography.
  • Howard Huang: The Photo Hit Man

    Influenced by graphic novels and science-fiction movies, Howard Huang’s vibrant urban fashion and celebrity work is turning heads from here to China

    For the past two decades, Los Angeles-based photographer Art Streiber has been documenting the who's who of Hollywood and beyond, with his portrait and entertainment photography.
  • Maria Burns: 7th Annual Emerging Pro Winner

    With an eye for creating austere projects, Maria Burns shows that you can make a tremendous impact with the simplest of ideas

    Thanks to generous prizes from RED, Zeiss and Adobe, our 7th Annual Emerging Pro Contest was a huge success.


  • Photoshop Blur Filters, Part 2

    How to use Smart Filters, Blur Tools and Blur Effects to control blur in your images

    This is the second of a two-part column about creative blur techniques.
  • The Hero Image

    The evolution of a shoot with Corey Rich

    Illustrating the dramatic impact that even a subtle change can bring to a photograph, commercial lifestyle photographer Corey Rich spent a day working out with cross-trainer Del Lafountain to capture a series of high-impact shots.


  • Defaults: A Double-Edged Sword

    The pros and cons of using Develop defaults in Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

    Whenever you import new photos into Lightroom, they always come in with the same basic set of settings.


  • Make Use Of Instagram

    The service is frequently scoffed at by professional photographers, but it can be a boon for your business

    Among professional photographers, Instagram may be one of the most reviled photography websites today, but its success is a reminder that we need to remain open-minded to succeed in our quickly evolving market.
  • Visioneer's Gallery: The Wave Sliding Club

    Akira Seo and the fine art of surfing

    Utter weightlessness, flying through the air, transcendental, mystical, magical, thrilling, enlightening—these are some of the ways those who seek their balance atop ocean waves express the euphoria of surfing in words.

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