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July/August 2009


  • DPP Solutions: Lens Resolution

    Have modern lenses exceeded the capabilities of D-SLR sensors?

    Do today’s lenses out-resolve today’s image sensors? Or do today’s sensors out-resolve today’s lenses? Does it matter?
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Exact Focus

    Even high-end lenses can exhibit some slight front and back focus. A simple device can have you dialed in for perfection.

    While photographers have enjoyed the benefit of autofocus for 25 years now, many still struggle with its accuracy and repeatability. You may have heard the terms “front focus” and “back focus.” In fact, you may be struggling with this phenomenon in your own kit.
  • July/August 2009
  • Lens Tech

    What’s under the hood of modern photography optics?

    What is a photographic lens? Essentially, just a tube that holds a number of glass or plastic elements that make light do something we want it to do: produce an image of the subject/scene at a certain magnification and angle of view, sharply focused on the image plane in the camera.
  • Misinformation: Printing Tech

    Massive prints don’t always need massive megapixels

    One of the arguments from manufacturers in the great megapixel wars is that to get a larger-than-life print, you need a ton of sensor resolution. While it’s true that the pixel count of the sensor largely will determine the acceptable image and print size, it’s not true that the more pixels you have, the bigger and better prints you’ll get.
  • Time For An Upgrade

    With so many recent advancements in optics technology, is now the time to revamp your collection of lenses?

    Technology moves ever onward, especially in the realm of digital imaging. Cameras get better and better, computers get more powerful and, happily, prices for things like memory keep coming down. Even with 35mm-format D-SLRs, the value for your dollar keeps improving.


  • Dirk Franke: The Miami Heat

    Dirk Franke stylishly blends beauty, fashion and glamour into a modern exploration of sensuality and classic sex appeal

    If Helmut Newton had lived in Miami and shot digital, his work would have looked a lot like the stunningly seductive portfolio of Dirk Franke. Based out of Florida, Franke’s world is a place where the exotic meets the erotic.
  • Gerd Ludwig: What Would Lenin Do?

    Gerd Ludwig’s “Moscow Never Sleeps” project takes advantage of the latest digital technology to show a city that has completely changed from the days when the sickle and hammer flew above the Kremlin

    It wasn’t that bad this time,” I thought as I finished the 64th step leading to the front door of Gerd Ludwig’s house. I rang the doorbell, and a bearded, smiling man walked toward me—I could see him through the small panes of glass on either side of the steel entryway.
  • Stephen Matera: Real Sports With Stephen Matera Perched on Slickrock Trail in Moab in the last rays of evening light or watching the sun rise atop Washington’s Mount Baker, it would be easy to forget your responsibilities and let your troubles drift away.


  • Breaking The ISO Barrier

    Forget the megapixel race. The real digital revolution is in low-noise/high-ISO digital capture.

    Low-noise/high-ISO digital capture is a relatively new phenomenon, but it already has begun to revolutionize what photographers can do with their cameras.
  • Layering Noise

    Part 2 in a series on

    You can further customize any noise pattern in Photoshop using layers. When adding noise to digital files, keep noise separate from the image so you can control both independently of one another.


  • America I Am

    The African American Imprint

    In our society overwhelmed with visual information, it’s becoming progressively more challenging to draw people into a collective contemplation of visual imagery.
  • Protecting The Bottom Line

    Considering the costs of the equipment you rely upon to make a living as a photographer, understanding how to insure that gear is of paramount importance

    Labor Day weekend. For most people, it’s the symbolic end of the summer. For sports photographers in south Florida, it also means the beginning of football season and the beginning of the more active half of the hurricane season.
  • Will Video Kill The Still Photography Star?

    After years of fits and starts, it seems that the much heralded convergence of still photography and video finally is on the verge of happening. Will you be ready for it?

    In 2003, I sat in a movie theater in Los Angeles, Calif., and watched a huge collection of still images from 1980s Hollywood come to life on the screen. The movie, The Kid Stays in the Picture, is a documentary about movie mogul Robert Evans.

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