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July/August 2011


  • Cool Lights

    HMIs, LEDs and fluorescents are energy-efficient alternatives to hot lights for digital stills and HD video

    I know what you're thinking. LED and fluorescent, okay, I can see them as cool light sources. But HMI? Get real!
  • Dual-System Sound

    How to overcome the shortcomings of a DSLR’s internal microphone for professional-level video

    The new generation of HD-capable DSLRs offers a number of creative options, but falls down in one critical area.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Shotgun!

    If you’re going to be shooting video with your DSLR, you’ll want to add a dedicated microphone to your setup

    In the creative gold rush that has followed the introduction of HD DSLRs, photographers have expanded their repertoires en masse to include motion.
  • July/August 2011

    New Tools Of The Trade


  • Barbara Davidson: Forgotten Shots

    Los Angeles Times photojournalist Barbara Davidson chronicles the overlooked journey of those affected by street violence, many of them innocent victims. The work culminated in her winning a Pulitzer Prize earlier this year.

    The world that Barbara Davidson has come to know is one that most people don't read, see or hear much about these days.
  • Caleb Charland: Inquisitive & Blasphemous

    Caleb Charland’s physical manifestation of scientific curiosity is made of light and time

    Caleb Charland's photographs—which are in no way the product of digital wizardry and entirely the product of a highly creative brain—are the consequence of a formative period in his life during which he was left unattended in a darkroom for extended periods of time.
  • Steve Vaccariello: Classic Perfection

    Fashion and celebrity photographer Steve Vaccariello defies digital gloss to capture the person behind the persona

    When pro New York- based photographer Steve Vaccariello is asked if there's something about photography that he finds specifically inspiring, he says that he's inspired as an artist not just by imagery, but by life and the beauty that he's able to see in the world.


  • Capture Sharpening

    Working with RAW files

    Optimal image sharpening is best done in three stages—capture (do it during RAW conversion), creative (do it in Photoshop) and output (automate it).
  • DPP Solutions: Quick Tips For Making BIG B&W Prints

    Large monochrome prints require some different strategies to get the best results

    Some people say if you can't make a good print, make a big one.
  • Photo Book Basics

    From high-end leave-behinds to prototypes for a pitch to a big-time publisher, self-publishing your work is an ideal solution that’s within reach of any pro

    In the digital age, when putting up an online portfolio often requires only a few clicks, there's a tactile appeal of offering a physical book of your photos directly to clients and publishers.
  • See In Black & White

    How to understand the role of color contrast in black-and-white conversions to make your best images starting at the moment of capture

    Back in the days of film photography, creating strong black-and-white photographs was an entirely different process than it is today.


  • Misinformation: Business Tech

    Despite a news market flooded with photos from anyone with a cell phone, telling the story right matters most

    In mid-April, the field of photojournalism lost two of its most important luminaries, Tim Hetherington, photographer and co-director of the Oscar®-nominated documentary Restrepo, and Chris Hondros, a 2004 Pulitzer Prize nominee for his work following the turbulent strife in Liberia.
  • Vigilantes

    Taking matters into your own hands can backfire, so don’t play the fool when enforcing your copyrights. In the Wild West world of the Internet, everything isn’t necessarily as cut-and-dried as it seems.

    In this age of digital imaging, it's only a matter of time before anyone who distributes images, electronically or otherwise, will find his or her images used without consent and copyrights infringed.
  • Vision To Visuals: Reconnections

    Korean artist Ahae created a huge archive of a narrow vista

    Alfred Stieglitz, the father of modern photography, once famously remarked, "Claims of art won't do. Let the photographer make a perfect photograph.

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