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July/August 2012


  • DPP Solutions: Decoding High-Speed Memory Cards

    You need the right card to perform up to your camera’s full capabilities

    High-megapixel continuous still shooting, especially RAW, and full HD video require fast memory cards.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Continuous Lighting For Motion And Stills

    LED technology makes a play for the spotlight

    Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are incredibly compact bulbs that consume very little power while throwing off absolutely minimal heat.
  • July/August 2012

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    Image resolution and pixel size are just a few of the many factors in the image equation

    The common understanding is that the more megapixels you have in a camera, the more image resolution you'll have in an image, which translates not only to larger prints, but also to better imaging quality.
  • Simplify Your Lighting

    Less is often more when it comes to crafting beautiful illumination

    I recently received a call from a commercial photographer who was to visit my city on assignment.
  • The Game Is Changing

    4K resolution and the ability to pull high-res still frames from full-motion capture are creating a paradigm shift in photography

    For years, professional still photographers used still cameras and pro cinematographers used movie cameras.


  • Dean Bradshaw: The Digital Ninja

    Dean Bradshaw’s irreverent commercial photography stylistically blends a disarming sense of humor with a technical mastery of retouching and compositing

    Southern California-based photographer Dean Bradshaw began his career as a field biologist in the Australian outback where he spent most of his time finding snakes and lizards.
  • James T. Murray: Inside & Out

    Whether he’s shooting on the studio tabletop or in the urban landscape, James T. Murray brings an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s touch to his photography

    Why, after a long day of working for commercial clients, would a successful photographer want to keep shooting once he steps out the studio door?
  • Vincent Laforet: Cross-Dissolve

    Vincent Laforet’s visual life is in transition. The Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer has emerged as a standard-bearer for a new generation of still and motion digital storytellers.

    Vincent Laforet has always been in pursuit of a good story.


  • Sharpening With HDR Software

    Enhance detail by boosting the differences between neighboring tones

    HDR software is most typically used to render shadow and highlight detail, but it also can be used to enhance tonal separation and detail in any range of tones, even in images with extremely low contrast.


  • A Photograph Of Many Uses

    Frans Lanting takes us through his workflow for optimizing and tracking a photograph through multiple end uses

    World-renowned photographer Frans Lanting, director of projects and processes at the Frans Lanting Studio, has everything covered.
  • Stealing Inspiration

    Where’s the line between inspiration, plagiarism and copyright infringement?

    Every now and again, I find myself explaining photographic techniques to younger photographers.
  • The True Cost Of Big Prints

    Does it pay off for you to make large prints yourself or to contract the work out to a high-quality lab?

    If you've had prints of 20x24 or larger done for you on a regular basis, you've probably thought about purchasing your own large-format printer at some point.
  • Vision To Visuals: Full Circle

    Serendipity brought William John Kennedy’s 50-year-old images back to Duggal

    At one point, Andy Warhol's studio offered me one of his art works as payment for the work I did for them. Having just established my business, I naively declined the offer and settled for a cash payment instead.

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