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July/August 2014


  • DPP Solutions: Set Up For Success

    Essential applications for Mac users to keep your business running efficiently

    Now that digital images are everywhere, lens performance requirements have become dramatically higher and more stringent.
  • Gear Up For B&W

    Quick guide to the essential equipment you need for taking and printing the best black & white photos

    There are a number of items that can help you produce better black-and-white digital images.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: It’s Time For A New Hybrid Camera

    4K is here, and it’s available and affordable for your backup, motion-dedicated camera

    As a professional photographer, you recognize that motion capture is a service you need to be able to offer to clients.
  • July/August 2014

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Monochrome Specialists

    Dedicated black-and-white cameras eliminate the sharpness-robbing Bayer array and anti-aliasing filter to create the sharpest images possible

    Many digital photographers do monochrome photography with their regular color digital cameras.


  • MJ Kim: Shadow Of Light

    MJ Kim’s rich black-and-white celebrity portraits are crafted to create timeless elegance

    There are dream jobs, and then there are dream jobs.
  • On The Road With Ian Ruhter

    Analog technology in the digital age: a mobile collodion darkroom and life-sized wet-plate camera

    Dating back to the 1850s, wet plate is also known as the collodion process, and a process it is, with single image exposures that require lengthy exposure times and a meticulous, demanding development and fixing process in a chemical darkroom.


  • Over The Edge

    As he plunges headfirst into the unknown, Lucas Gilman describes how to be a multimedia pro

    Not long ago, Gilman sat atop a 189-foot waterfall in remote southeastern Washington while his subject, kayaker Rafa Ortiz, paddled to the edge.
  • Upright Is Alright

    Get more from this underappreciated Photoshop correction tool

    A little perspective correction can make a big difference in your images.


  • Misinformation: Business Tech

    Micro Four Thirds has grown into a formidable stills and video contender

    When Olympus first introduced the Four Thirds system in 2003, the concept was twofold.
  • Visioneer's Gallery: Arbiter Of Communication

    ICP’s new Executive Director Mark Lubell on the continuing mission of the organization amid the ongoing flood of image-making worldwide

    No institution can stake a higher claim to the public dissemination and social experience of curated photography through a combination of academic training, archiving, exhibiting and debating than the International Center of Photography in New York.

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