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March/April 2004


  • Art Wolfe - Master Of Illusion

    World-renowned nature photographer Art Wolfe is moving in a new digital direction

    Art Wolfe is synonymous with nature photography. When the photographer-adventurer got his hands on a digital camera for the first time, instead of doing the expected—photographing the dramatic animal and landscape portraits that are so well associated with his name—Wolfe turned his Canon EOS-1Ds to the extraordinary scenes within ordinary city life.

  • Paulo Filgueiras - Fresh Fashions

    For Paulo Filgueiras, the journey from surf photographer in Rio de Janeiro to highly demanded fashion shooter in New York has been more challenging and circuitous than his path to digital technology

    Keeping fashion photography fresh. It's a simple statement, but it's much more of an elusive goal to meet. While some well-known fashion shooters have come up with a look that they recycle time and again, the very best in the field, the true talents, are constantly reinventing themselves and their style in a quest for a new and different collection of imagery. The challenge, always, is to create dynamic photographs that evoke emotions in the viewer while not being so outlandish that they're dismissed as overly contrived and silly.
  • Pete Turner - Carried By Color

    After pioneering analog color techniques in the 1950s and 1960s, Pete Turner has turned his attention to working with digital technology to create his most visually captivating images yet

    More than 40 years ago, photographer Pete Turner crafted the bold, surreal palette of colors that would define his work. Today, as his camera and computer become one, Turner creates images that continue to inspire us. He lives simultaneously in the worlds of science and art, skillfully using one to facilitate the other.

  • Seth Resnick - Great Photographs Are Where You Find Them

    Seth Resnick is the consummate professional. His polished and sophisticated images are mostly shot on location, where he works with portable lighting gear and digital cameras.

    Great PhotographsSolving problems. Seth Resnick's career all comes down to solving problems. The award-winning photographer lives for those opportunities where he can take a situation that poses a challenge and figure out how to make it work with the tools at his disposal. “I like to make something out of nothing,” says Resnick. 


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