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March/April 2007


  • Calibrate Your Camera

    To get complete predictability, consistency and control, it's important to calibrate your entire system. We used to do it with film, now we do it a little differently with digital gear.

    As professional photographers, we've always tested our equipment to determine the specific characteristics of gear combinations so we'd know the precise capabilities of camera, lens and film in the conditions in which we most often shoot. Product shooters would load different emulsions and shoot tabletop scenes, fashion photographers would bring in models, etc. With film, this was an arduous process that required multiple exposures and different chemical recipes.

  • Is There A Medium-Format Digital In Your Future?

    When it comes to ultimate digital image quality, nothing beats medium-format cameras and digital backs. The word 'medium' might be tepid—the image quality is anything but.

    Issues of size have always impacted image quality and changed the course of camera design. In the days of film, larger cameras delivered the best image quality, while smaller cameras provided portability and ease of use. Medium-format cameras have long been a popular professional choice because they strike an ideal balance between quality, portability and ease of use.

  • March-April 2007

    New Tools Of The Trade


  • James Brown - The English Beat

    With a fresh style, a young professional's obsession for creating high-fashion images is getting noticed

    James Brown is one of the rising stars of British fashion photography. In that highly stylized industry, he creates worlds that stretch well beyond the mundaneness of everyday life. Artists create fantasy, inspire and stimulate the human mind. Brown weaves fantasies from seemingly uninspired surroundings. No matter the project, he brings the disparate elements together in a cohesive image of beauty.

  • Markus Klinko and Indrani - Go With The Flow

    Celebrity photography is a funky specialty. The Team of Markus Klinko and Indrani know how to work with the entourage.

    $200,000. When you have a client paying that kind of dough, he or she can basically make any request. Nothing illegal, of course, but if a celebrity decides he or she wants to have a party on the set of a photo shoot for, say, a new album cover—well, that's part of the gig. Markus Klinko and Indrani understand that, and if it happens, they just go with the flow.

  • Vincent Laforet - Still A Photographer

    Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet takes advantage of anything he can to streamline his workflow and his access to a formidable archive

    Vincent Laforet has worked his way toward becoming one of the world's premier digital photographers. In order to create such powerful imagery, Laforet utilizes the latest digital acquisition, editing, color-management, printing and storage tools available. And it's in Laforet's studio where art and technology fuse, allowing him to create the gripping images that his clients demand.


  • Future Perfect - The Lab In The Digital Age

    Once thought to be on the verge of a dodo-like extinction, labs have made a strong comeback as they gear up to serve photographers' digital needs

    In the extraordinary transition that has taken place as we evolve from film to digital, the lab, the mainstay of the photo community, is in the midst of a quiet revolution. While many businesses struggle to find their way, the leaders in the industry are interpreting the technology, advancing along with it, and staking out a clear path as they innovate services vital to the photographer in the digital era. It may be a quiet revolution, but that doesn't make it any less momentous.


  • Lightroom Lights Up

    After a lengthy public beta and considerable time and thought in development, Adobe Lightroom arrives. Will the application become your ultimate workflow tool?

    After more than a year of “public preview” and several years of internal development, Adobe has shipped Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a workflow application designed specifically for digital photographers, particularly photographers who shoot RAW captures, although Lightroom also can handle RGB JPEGs, TIFFs and PSD files and use its processing controls to adjust them as well as RAW files.


  • Control Your Casting Call

    The process of finding the perfect model is a matter of art , science and more than a little luck

    Modeling agencies are crazy places. Someone, usually an agent, is always having some level of tantrum. Everywhere you look, there are stunning faces and provocative bodies. It can be intimidating if you're not used to it.

  • Tax Time Tune-Up

    Developing healthy accounting practices throughout the year will save you when tax season begins

    In his 20-plus years as a professional photographer, Louis Lesko managed to avoid the most dreadful word of tax season: audit. That was until last year, when he received notice from the Internal Revenue Service that his 2005 taxes were getting a second look.


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