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March/April 2012

  • Hi-Tech Studio: Mics For DSLR Rigs

    Add an auxiliary microphone to your setup, and you’ll see the difference good sound makes

    While many DSLRs are capable of amazing video quality, the audio side of any DSLR system pales in comparison.


  • DPP Solutions: Promo Postcards

    This marketing staple is still as essential as ever

    The photo business is as much about business as it is about photography.
  • March/April 2012

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: What’s With XQD?

    New memory cards and a brand-new format stir up the battle over storage of your images

    Nikon's flagship D4 DSLR is the first camera to offer compatibility with the new XQD memory card format.
  • New State Of The Art

    A look at four of the latest high-end, pro-caliber DSLRs

    Despite the natural disasters of 2011 in Japan and Thailand, four major camera companies have come out with new DSLRs of great interest to professional photographers: the Canon EOS-1D X, Nikon D4, Sigma SD1 and Sony SLT-A77.


  • Jerry Uelsmann: The Alchemist

    Jerry Uelsmann’s surreal imagery has inspired a generation of digital artists, despite the fact that he’s done almost all of it in a wet darkroom

    By the time the name Photoshop had become synonymous with photo manipulation, the discussion was that with the adoption of this software technology into the mainstream of photography, it would create thousands of Jerry Uelsmanns.
  • Scott Markewitz: Go Large Or Go Home!

    Scott Markewitz is one of the top outdoor sports photographers in the world. He takes a studio photographer’s approach to shaping light and applies it to action sports.

    "When I was a pro, I skied in several ski movies," Markewitz says, "and for quite a few ski photographers of the time.


  • Car Shots

    How to take pro-level automobile pictures

    Automotive art is favored by those immersed in car culture.
  • Going Viral

    August Bradley’s personal project “99 Faces of Occupy Wall St.” was simple to execute and brought immediate media attention as it caught fire online

    August Bradley is known for photography that's incredibly detailed and highly stylized, with deep literary references and complex, psychological motifs.
  • Output Sharpening

    Automate the process for best results

    Image source, frequency of detail, subject, personal preference, output device, substrate or presentation device, and presentation size all play a role in sharpening.


  • Is Photo School Worth It?

    Going into a photography program gives you the skills and knowledge to compete in an increasingly competitive environment

    In recent years, the world of for-profit education has been criticized in the media for making promises of high-paying jobs upon graduation.
  • Vision To Visuals: Change The World

    Russell James, Nomad Two Worlds and making a difference

    It was more than 10 years ago when we first worked with acclaimed photographer Russell James.

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