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March/April 2014


  • DPP Solutions: Scratch Disk Fever

    How a Thunderbolt drive cured a most debilitating condition

    Things seemed a little sluggish after my upgrade to OS X Mavericks, especially when I was running several apps at once.
  • March/April 2014

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Gear Tech

    Modern memory cards for massive capacities and fast data

    For such a simple part of the imaging chain, it's ironic that there's so much confusion about memory cards.
  • So Retro!

    The proliferation of high-end, back-to-the-future, retro-design cameras has style as well as substance

    "Retro"-look serious cameras are hot today. Besides the nostalgia factor, they provide their users with a sense of style.


  • Nathan Myhrvold: The Art Of Science

    Nathan Myhrvold is the ultimate embodiment of the Renaissance Man, and among his achievements is reinventing the art of food photography

    He's also the man who upended the art and science of food photography.
  • Philip Habib: Starting With A Blank Canvas

    Philip Habib’s use of color, composition and whimsy in his portraits gives his photos a youthful and exuberant look

    Though New York-based photographer Philip Habib has been plying his trade for three decades, his style is cutting-edge contemporary while retaining a classic elegance.
  • The Best Of The Best Winning Photos From DPP’s Annual The Face Contest

    2013 Annual Photo Contest Winners

    Photographers are continually drawn to portraits, as they can create deep connections and express powerful emotions to a viewer within a single frame.


  • Autofocus Evolution

    Radical advancements in AF technology are blowing away old assumptions about phase- and contrast-detection systems. Set your old assumptions aside and look at what’s available today and what’s coming tomorrow.

    Since the advent of digital photography, there have been aspects of a camera's operation that are shrouded in mystery and confusion.
  • More Than RAW Processing

    How Adobe Camera Raw as a filter changes workflow

    Photoshop CC introduced a long-awaited feature that will change how you adjust your images, when you adjust your images and what you adjust your images with—the ability to use Camera Raw as a filter.
  • Past & Presence

    Douglas Dubler created a historical and artistic project that was ideally suited to the unique qualities of the legendary Polaroid 20x24 camera

    Imagine a modern professional photographer involved in a photo project allowing only 25 exposures in an entire day—with film so rare, there's no room for tests, mistakes or retries.


  • Hi-Tech Studio: HDR Software

    Get the full tonal range, create distinctive effects and make your images stand out with High Dynamic Range technology

    HDR (high dynamic range) photography, in theory, is capable of displaying more of the range from shadows to highlights than the human eye can see.
  • Maintain Flexibility

    Using Smart Objects in conjunction with Adobe Camera Raw gives you the ultimate nondestructive means of filtering that there is within Photoshop

    The ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) plug-in only supported a few cameras in the beginning, but shooting RAW was quickly recognized by early digital adopters as the way to go, and things took off.


  • Promotional Benefit Or Rights Grab?

    Is social media synonymous with a loss of rights over your images?

    There seems to be no shortage of commentary regarding the potential pitfalls associated with posting photographs on social media.
  • Visioneer's Gallery: Pixel Perfect

    Alex Guofeng Cao’s mosaics from our collective photo bank

    There's something magical about seeing a photograph, getting up close to it and discovering that it's composed of tiny individual photos that reveal themselves as a secret hidden within an innocent artwork.

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