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May/June 2005


  • The Right Tool For The Job

    Graphics tablets offer superior control for precise image adjustments

    Always choose the right tool for the job—you know that. You wouldn't use a beach towel to clean your lenses, for example, so why would you choose a mouse to do the work of a stylus? Using a mouse often is too clumsy for the precise work of creating selections or spotting filters and effects.


  • Dave Black - The Art Of Sport

    When Dave Black sees photographers collecting at a spot on the field, he runs—the other way. His images capture a different ­­­kind of decisive moment.

    If there's a single word to describe Dave Black's photographic sensibilities, it's “graphic.” While he's a photojournalist of the first degree, Black thinks of himself more as a photographer and an artist, and his dramatic images bear that out. Says Black about those graphic sensibilities, “I tend to be more artistic than journalistic with my images. I'm always looking at things in a very artistic and graphic way. I guess I've always been like that. My worst two years as a professional photographer—worst both creatively and financially—were the two years when I abandoned that graphic style.”

  • Howard Schatz - Trading Species

    From plants to animals, shooting to retouching, Howard Schatz is a photographic Renaissance man

    When Howard Schatz released his last book, 2002's Athlete, it was a study of the human form in motion, and every image in it was made on film. His next book, Botanica, due out this fall from Bulfinch Press, represents not only a dramatic change in subject matter, but a whole new technique. Every image in Botanica was captured digitally, as are most of Schatz's photographs these days.

  • Lauren Greenfield - The Most Personal Is The Most Universal

    One of The VII Agency's founding photographers, Lauren Greenfield's images take us through the looking glass and delve into complex social issues

    Modern society makes a variety of demands on young girls, creating a culture in which they're pressured to grow up too fast. While many lament this reality and wish it wasn't so, photojournalist Lauren Greenfield set out to do something about it. In her landmark book, Fast Forward, and its successor, Girl Culture, Greenfield aimed her camera at a phenomenon that tears at the very fabric of American life.


  • Layout Software

    Create a polished and professional presentation efficiently with specialized software

    For a pro, presentation is everything. Just as a finely crafted portfolio case adds value to your images, a little design work with page layout software can show off your photography in the best possible light. With programs such as Adobe's InDesign or Quark's QuarkXpress, it's simple to put multiple images on a page, add your company's logo and include additional text if appropriate to your pitch.


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