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May/June 2010


  • Hi-Tech Studio: Memory Requirements

    CompactFlash remains the mainstay memory card for professional DSLRs. We look at speed ratings, HD video requirements and some of the current generation of pro cards.

    CompactFlash just keeps getting better and better. And where digital SLR cameras are concerned, better means faster data-transfer speeds and higher capacities.
  • May/June 2010

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Copyright Tech

    You have to give to get. Sometimes gaining notoriety is worth losing some control over your images.

    There’s no stopping the Internet.
  • Paper For Your Works Of Art

    There’s more to paper choices than Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard. An array of other manufacturers make high-end materials that can match your style.

    The ultimate expression of a perfect photograph remains a fine print of it.
  • The Balancing Act Of Flash On Location

    Building and mastering the art of mobile lighting will give you the tools to shoot anywhere

    As professional photographers let go of their expensive studio spaces and make the world their studio, it’s time to examine the needs of a photographer on the go.


  • Bill Frakes: Constant Motion

    Widely known for his Sports Illustrated work, versatile photojournalist Bill Frakes has mastered the art of visual storytelling

    Autumn is a thrilling time in the sports world. Football is in full swing, with college campuses going crazy every Saturday and the NFL taking over on Sunday.
  • Douglas Kirkland: The Art of Dance

    As one of his great personal and professional passions, Douglas Kirkland reflects on his past, present and future dance photography

    Dance can be defined loosely as an art form using movements of the body, with music often being an important component.
  • Elias Wessel: Euro Pop

    Elias Wessel’s delicately constructed imagery finds a home in the New York world of fine-art fashion

    In Elias Wessel’s “Falling Up” series, a sequence shot as a simile for the ups and downs of personal and professional success, Wessel’s subjects find themselves frozen in that moment of absolute climax while their surroundings swirl in seeming chaos.


  • Blur Color Noise In Photoshop

    Try this simple but powerful technique to make a cleaner-looking image

    When you have noise in an image, there’s a lot you can do about it.
  • Digital Manipulation And The Flair Of Subtlety

    As digital photography struggles for legitimacy in the fine-art world, we examine the role of image manipulation to evoke an emotional response from your audience

    Digital photography has transformed the fine-art world.
  • Still Motion

    Andrew Kornylak embraces the multimedia possibilities of modern digital cameras

    As high-definition video capture in DSLRs has shown, exactly what a “still camera” is and even what a “DSLR” refers to is being questioned as technology moves continuously forward.


  • DPP Solutions: Now Showing: Your Masterpiece

    Choose the right service for getting your video out into the world where prospective clients can see it

    When photography first collided with digital technology, photographers suddenly had a new learning curve to ascend.
  • Trademark Yourself: Part 1

    The key to protecting business goodwill

    Ask just about any photographer what area of law protects his or her business, and the answer you’re likely to hear is “copyright.”
  • Vision To Visuals: Artistry And Philanthropy

    Artist Elizabeth Jordan and sustainable fundraising

    Among some of the most powerful ideas that are shaping the zeitgeist of today, social responsibility, conscious capitalism, social entrepreneurship and global citizenship are at the top.

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