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May/June 2011


  • DPP Solutions: Radio Triggers

    On-camera flash will only go so far

    Modern on-camera flashes are extremely portable and powerful, and their ease of use and relative affordability make them an ideal solution for working in difficult settings.
  • Hi-Tech Studio: Doing Sound Right

    HD video DSLRs do a lot of things very well, but as a group, audio capability isn’t a strong point. Try using a separate recorder to get professional results

    Professional photography can be divided into two distinct eras: BR and AR (Before Reverie and After Reverie).
  • Master The Family Of Angles

    This fundamental aspect of lighting will help you figure out how to light anything, anywhere, anytime

    Most professionals are well versed in lighting techniques for their particular subject matter.
  • May/June 2011

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Camera Tech

    Size isn’t the only major feature of a memory card

    The megapixel wars used to be the driving force behind ever-expanding capacities, and while that battle has more or less evened out, memory card capacities are still increasing, thanks primarily to the newly incorporated video capabilities of DSLRs.
  • The Truth About HD DSLRS

    The latest pro DSLRs boast incredible photo and HD video capabilities. But are they really the best choice for both still and motion?

    It’s safe to say that since HD video entered the DSLR arena, no other feature has garnered as much attention from both photographers and videographers, or seen as much improvement in quality and control.


  • Jesse Kalisher: World Traveler

    Jesse Kalisher’s unique talent for going beyond the snapshot and an intimate knowledge of marketing make a winning combination

    Fine-art photography is a tough sell, especially in a tough economy, and Jesse Kalisher has managed to keep himself and his tightly knit staff afloat throughout one of the toughest economies in decades.
  • Thomas Herbrich: Magic Man

    Using models, stock imagery and digital manipulation, Thomas Herbrich’s work unfolds from his unlimited imagination

    A city is draped in red silk, with gentle waves of fabric spilling over high-rises and trees, and covering the streets.
  • Yu Tsai: Fearless

    From Taiwan to Indiana to California to shooting a campaign for GUESS, Yu Tsai’s clarity of vision and dynamic style put him on top of the fashion and beauty world

    Though born in Taiwan and based in the megalopolises of Los Angeles and New York, Yu Tsai’s roots are firmly planted in America’s heartland.


  • Air-To-Air

    Niche markets can be lucrative, and enterprising photographers can find opportunity and inspiration in the clouds

    Put several airplanes in the air, separated by only a wingspan, flying as fast as 150 knots and as low as 1,000 feet over unforgiving terrain, with roaring engines, a glaring sun and jarring wake turbulence—serenity probably isn’t what comes to mind.
  • Creative Sharpening, Part I

    When to sharpen in your workflow

    The vast majority of photographic images benefit from sharpening.
  • Get More From Smart Objects

    Eliminate the dreaded do-over when your client changes his or her mind by making good use of this Photoshop feature

    Smart Objects can be made from pixels (as this example will demonstrate), vector art and even a Camera Raw image opened as a Smart Object.


  • Kickstarting Your Project

    Crowdsourcing as an option for photographers

    Gerd Ludwig is no stranger to the pages of Digital Photo Pro, and his history in the world of photography is long and storied.
  • Vision To Visuals: Aid Is In Fashion

    Stefano Guindani turns his lens from the glitz of the runway to the poverty of Haiti’s children

    How does a fashion photographer shooting for luxury brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Valentino end up creating a body of photojournalistic work so moving that it rallies the entire fashion world in support of a profoundly humanitarian cause?

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