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May/June 2012


  • Hi-Tech Studio: A Pair Of Printers For B&W

    The Canon PIXMA PRO-1 and Epson Stylus Pro 3880 are well worth a look for any pro studio

    The fine art of printing a black-and-white photo has been part of a professional photographer's repertoire for as long as photography has existed.
  • May/June 2012

    New Tools Of The Trade

  • Misinformation: Why They Play The Games

    Image quality and overall performance are the true measure of a camera

    In the age of the Internet, more and more people are making judgments on products based solely on announced, and occasionally unannounced, specifications.
  • Prime Time

    Once mostly cast aside in favor of high-tech zoom lenses, primes, or single-focal-length lenses, are making a serious comeback with pro photographers

    Everything old is new again, and sometimes that goes for technology as well as style.
  • Two New Superstars For Still & Motion

    The Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800 may be the perfect pro multimedia cameras for their combination of performance, price and features. See their similarities and the surprising differences.

    The incorporation of HD video in DSLRs was a game-changing event in 2008.


  • Greg Gorman: Beyond The Frame

    For more than 30 years, legendary celebrity and fine-art photographer Greg Gorman has created images for l.a.Eyeworks. The campaign is noteworthy for its longevity and the instantly recognizable style of the pictures themselves.

    At what point does an advertising campaign transcend its goal of selling a product and become a piece of art?
  • Joel Grimes: True Grit

    Joel Grimes redefines his edge with bold celebrity and commercial portraiture that has kept him in high demand

    For several years, his bread and butter had been shooting portraits with a 4x5 view camera using Polaroid Type 55 film.
  • Michael Dweck: Forever Young

    Pulling together spontaneous shoots and making the most of the unique look of film, Michael Dweck captures fleeting glimpses of youth

    Michael Dweck is a photographer with a vision. But if you call him that, he'll protest. Not about the vision, but the label; he prefers the term "visual artist." The other carries too much baggage.


  • Double Pass & Hybrid Sharpening

    Get the best of USM and High Pass techniques

    Different sharpening techniques make the world look different.
  • Lighting For B&W

    Whether you’re shooting with strobes, flash, continuous lights or ambient, check out these high-key techniques for black-and-white portraits with an edge

    High-key black-and-white portraiture has been popular since Hollywood's golden era.


  • DPP Solutions: Scanning Revisited

    Use the most up-to-date scanning software to get more detail and resolution from your best film images

    While I'm often surprised by just how many photographers have never captured an image on film, the reality is that most photographers who have firmly embraced digital photography still have a collection of film images.
  • The RGB Shuffle

    How to go from RGB to Photoshop and back

    This time, we look at that same process for RGB files, which is just a little bit different.


  • Laws In Collision

    Artistic freedom versus licensing rights—the law is in need of a course correction before it runs afoul of itself and takes photographers into a black hole of uncertainty

    What do an artist, the University of Alabama, a host of trademark law professors and members of the major collegiate athletic conferences have in common?
  • Vision To Visuals: Keeping It Real

    Rachel Hovnanian challenges perceptions of female beauty

    Imagine experiencing a parallel reality of our world that serves as an antidote to our pervasive media culture, which undermines women's sense of self-image and confidence through its artificial constructs of beauty.

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